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Marvel Is A Complete Disaster And Things Are Getting Worse

By Baiting Irrelevance Mar21,2023
Is Marvel A Complete Disaster?: Things Are Getting Worse!
Is Marvel A Complete Disaster?: Things Are Getting Worse!

Many are asking the same question. Is Marvel A Complete Disaster? To answer this question, we will have to look at the company’s current state. While looking at the current crop of box office failures is easy, a more profound synopsis will also be needed. While a lack of box office success is a good measuring rod, so is the organization’s overall health. This means looking at Both Disney and current executives.

Currently, more than just Marvel is taking a massive hit. Disney, as a whole, is also suffering. They are struggling so much that Bob Iger took back the leadership from former CEO Bob Chapek. On the other side of the Disney spectrum, Lucas Film is also in a spot of bother. Considering all of this, it is easy to understand why superhero fans are losing hope.

Victoria Alonso
Victoria Alonso

Top Marvel Executive Leaves

Questions about Marvel’s current state have been in full force over the last couple of days. With news breaking that Marvel Studios veteran Victoria Alonso left the company, many are asking why. In many ways, Victoria Alonso helped build up the studio we know today. She is one of the earliest members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a tenure of 17 years. Under her leadership, she co-produced many classics, Including the first 2008 Iron Man movie that set off the whole MCU.

She was also actively involved in all the following films, including the 2011 Avengers movie that brought in over $1 billion. With a resume this strong, you have to wonder why Victoria Alonso is leaving the company now. In typical internet fashion, many questions about her sudden Marvel exit exist. Many wonder if she went on her terms or if she was asked to leave due to a slew of recent box office disappointments.

Alonso is more than just a regular executive. The title of co-producer of all top Marvel films is No Tiny Feet. While it is easy to blame her for all the recent box office failures, you also need to give her credit for all of the box office successes. It would not be fair to look at Phases 4 and 5 of Marvel while ignoring her role in Phases 1 to 3. Unfortunately, you are only as good as your last movie in the film industry. You can’t live on former glory forever. If you do not innovate and recreate, you will be in a spot of bother. With that said, let’s look at where it all went wrong for Victoria Alonso.

We Don’t Create Movies; We Create Politics

As most know, it is no longer enough to be an actor or producer in today’s Hollywood. You also need to be a political figure who fights for Social Justice. While there are specific social issues that I also believe in, I also understand that people do not want to be preached during a movie. People expect actors to act and producers to produce. While shooting the latest superhero movie, it takes a particular type of narcissism to think people want to know your views on a specific social issue.

Unfortunately, Hollywood cannot help itself, and Victoria Alonso is no exception. During Disney’s fight with Florida, Alonso was an outspoken advocate against the “Don’t Say the gay bill.” This fight was so disastrous for Disney that Bob Chapek lost his job as CEO because of it. Additionally, she also holds a few other views that are pretty controversial.

A while ago, Alonso found herself in quite a bit of controversy when she stated that the X-Men was an outdated name. Rumors have been making the rounds for a while now that Marvel is looking to rent the rights to X-Men from Sony. This deal will work similarly to what they did with Spiderman, a Sony property. Alonso was very outspoken against the idea of X-Men because it has the word Men in it. Instead, she called for a name change, stating that it should be rebranded to the mutants.

A Call For Quality Over Quantity

Currently, both Disney and Marvel share one vision. Marvel CEO Kevin Feige and Disney CEO Bob Iger are asking for one thing. Quality over quantity. While we all know that won’t happen, it is still very telling of the thinking behind these top executives. With this in mind, many are speculating that the recent slew of Box Office disappointments is behind the sudden exit of Victoria Alonso.

Now, the next question becomes, what can Marvel do to pull itself out of this slump? Sadly, there is no easy answer. While we know that quantity over quality contributes to the current state of Marvel, we also know that it won’t stop. Large corporations, unfortunately, have the mentality of perpetual growth. They expect more money every year; when that does not happen, they will sacrifice anything to make up those numbers.

If you averaged 1 billion per movie last year and now only average 500 million, we must now produce twice as much. At this point, Disney has a film in theaters almost every month. Additionally, they will have to stop preaching. This means no more activism. This is another thing that we know will never happen. As long as they continue to favor pandering overproduction, the alienation of fans will continue.

What is Next For Marvel

While many are still asking the question, is Marvel a complete disaster? There is also another important question. What is next for Marvel Studios? If you look at the current slate of movies, that will be obvious. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania just released a couple of months ago. A big upcoming project is the Marvels. All of these movies does lead us to one logical conclusion. Marvel is building toward the next Avengers movie.

With this in mind, one does wonder what another Avengers movie will look like. With most of the original cast gone, rebuilding is not impossible. However, continuing the story with the current crop of new faces will take a lot of work. You have Captain Marvel, who will be leading the group. Alongside her, you have the other Marvels, including Miss Marvel and Carol Monica Rambeau. Then you have Letitia Wright as the all-new Black Panther. You then also have The Antman, The Wasp, and Cassandra Lang.

Along with them, you will have the all-new female Iron Man known as Iron Heart. Alongside these heroes will also be Spiderman and Doctor Strange. There are also whispers of She-Hulk, but I do not even want to think about that.


With all of these new Superheroes, seeing where Marvel takes the universe next will be interesting. Rebuilding everything is going to be complicated. While not impossible, it will take a massive shift in mentality. Sadly, I am unsure if the current leadership has what it takes to do that.

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