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Massive Update: Brie Larson Speaks Out About Marvel Future

By Baiting Irrelevance Mar29,2023
Brie LarsonBrie Larson

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is going through a transitional period in her life and career. Brie Larson is quite an accomplished actress. Before flying around saving the Universe, she was busy winning Oscars. For her highly acclaimed role in the 2016 movie Room, she received her first Acadamy Award. Since then, her career has only taken steps for the better. This, of course, is primarily thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As Captain Marvel, she became the first woman to star in a superhero movie that grossed $1 billion at the box office. However, Brie Larson is now saying that she has yet to get her next job after the Marvels that is set to release in November of 2023. In an interview with Bezaar, she said, “I don’t have a next job. She also stated, I don’t have a home. I don’t have a partner. I don’t have a plan. I’m just completely open,”. For many, this statement does come as quite a shock.

Considering that Marvel is officially in phase 5 and is approaching another Avengers movie, Brie Larson would be front and center. She is Captain Marvel, after all. The statement of her not having a next job is probably exaggerated. Brie Larson will likely be the leading face in the next Avengers movie. She is also in the next Fast and Furious movie. With that, I am sure that there is still plenty of work coming her way.

Brie Larson Did Not Want Captain Marvel Job

Playing any superhero can be scary. The superhero fandom is unlike any other out there. Many of these heroes date back to the 1940s. Some are even older than that. The fandom is built over many generations. With such a legacy, it is only natural that fans will be protective of the fandom. Most do not take kindly to anyone who thinks they can walk in and take over without respecting the work it was built on.

With that, many actors are hesitant to play superheroes. Brie Larson is no exception to this. In the interview with Bezaar, the Oscar winner said, “I was scared of what would happen to me,” “I was like, ‘What world is this, where these are the choices I have to make as an artist?'” This, of course, is an entirely natural fear to have. As stated, the superhero genre is unlike any other. Not only are fans extremely loyal to the original work, but the fan base is massive. With over $27 Billion worldwide, anyone would be nervous about joining.

Is Marvel A Complete Disaster?
Is Marvel A Complete Disaster?

Larson joined when the MCU was at an all-time high. Marvel just came off a massive delight with the third Avengers movie and was gearing up for the final. Captain Marvel is stuck right in between these two massive projects. It did not do Brie Larson any favors when she immediately thought it would be a good idea to go after the Superhero fanbase.

Shocking New Detail About The Marvels

Now, we also need to talk about the upcoming The Marvels movie that will be released on 10 November 2023. The Marvels will star Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel, and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau. Since the original announcement, the movie has been riddled with bad luck. The movie suffered its first setback when it was announced earlier this year that there would be yet another delay, resulting in them needing help to make the intended June release date.

Further, rumors are rampant that the film is riddled with behind-the-scenes drama and poor screen tests. It is worth pointing out that these are just rumors, and other insiders are also disputing them. One insider, Jeff Sneider, claims that there is chaos on the movie set. Another insider, KC Walsh, claims this is false and that only positive news comes from the scene. This insider also claims that the test screenings have been extremely positive.

Brie Larson
Brie Larson

KC Walsh also makes a strong statement when they claim that these rumors are nothing more than sexist and racist YouTubers looking for attention. As the public, we will never honestly know what is happening behind the scenes. I have learned over the years that there is no such thing as a true insider. You have talented investigative journalists uncovering things, but everyone claims to be an insider in the digital age of online clicks. I do not trust either of these two insiders. One is throwing isms around like it is his job to defend the film, and the other is making loose statements. You can decide, however, what you believe.

Why Do People Hate Brie Larson?

With all of the news surrounding the Marvels Movie, there is one question fans have been asking for ages now. Why do people hate Brie Larson? The term hate might sound hard, but some people within this space do not like her. The hate against Brie Larson is complicated. Why people do not like her will depend on who you ask. For some, it comes down to the comments about white males. When Larson said that she does not care what a 40-year-old white male has to say, it turned away a massive part of the majority white fanbase. 

The Marvels A Complete Disaster
The Marvels A Complete Disaster

Others don’t dislike Brie Larson; they dislike Captain Marvel. When fans dislike a character, it will also roll over to the actor. Then you have those who do not like that she keeps talking about what Captain Marvel means to women. Many feel like Larson is carrying herself in a way that makes it sound like she is the only woman ever to play a leading role. You also have those who took issue with the way she decided to give tribute to comic book legend Stan Lee. She just posted a picture of herself drinking and showing off her shoes with a caption that said, “RIP Stan Lee.”

Many are also put off by how she addresses her critics. When she dismisses criticism of Captain Marvel by referring to it as just White people or Men hating, it turns people off.

Is The Hate Against Brie Larson Warranted?

With that, you also have those pushing back and defending Brie Larson. Many say the criticism against Larson does not come from a real place. People hate Brie Larson and make vile comments. They call this criticism and then get angry when she dismisses them. Some make sexist comments and then call it criticism. When Larson pushes back against those comments, she is told she can’t handle critics.

Some of her defenders also state that she is trying to enter a male-dominated space. Because she is an advocate for changing that status quo, many do not like it. Brie Larson does not behave the way that people want her to. She pushes back and speaks up for herself, and due to this, she receives hate. The truth, too, is that this might be somewhere in the middle. Some do not like what she is trying to do. Then, you also have those who are genuinely offended by some comments that she made.

Many people are tired of Hollywood preaching to them. Most want to escape the daily over-politicized life. When actors are out promoting movies, most expect them to talk about the film. When they use this time to talk about their own political beliefs, it can be a massive turn-off, primarily if they use that time to bash people who do not think like them. Most people are tired of politics. They turn on an interview to hear more about the movie. Instead, they must sit there and listen to people yelling at them for not thinking the same. Like the rest of Hollywood, Larson is guilty of doing this, and some are pushing back.

Are People Tired Of Superhero Movies?

The year so far could have been better for superhero movies. Over at DC Shazam! Fury Of The Gods failed to make any meaningful movement at the box office. They opened to a dismal $30 million, and while they have crawled their way to 367,8 million USD today, it did not yield any actual profit. Over on Marvel’s side, things could be looking better. Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania failed to make any real headway either. Their current box office standings are at $469.7 million worldwide. With a budget of $200 million, they indeed lost a lot. For those who need to be made aware, there is a common rule with movies.

You need to triple the movie budget to factor in marketing and advertising. If a movie costs 200 million, it will take at least 600 million to break even. Upcoming superhero movies could be rendered better, too. At this point, it feels like a Marvel or DC movie is in the cinema almost every month. Although I will always argue that the Marvel Cinematic Universe did wonders for the superhero genre, we are now at a point where this is no longer true. With DC set to build their Universe next, things will only worsen.

The Decline Of Marvel
The Decline Of Marvel

By this point, most people understand that large Corporations are stuck in the rut of everlasting growth. They are expected to turn a profit every single year. This means they will milk it dry whenever they do something that brings in money. This is what Disney is doing right now with Marvel. Quantity is winning over quality.

Can Marvel Vs DC Shake Up Superhero Fatigue?

Although there is lots of superhero fatigue right now, it is also said that competition breeds quality. The brand new DC Studios led by James Gunn is a direct result of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the same can also be said about the Snyderverse. While Marvel was killing it with their first 3 phases, DC was lagging behind. What followed at WB was a rushed-out Batman Versus Superman and a Justice League movie that needed to be prepared.

With this, one does have to wonder if competition will indeed breed quality or just more quantity. With both studios fighting for superhero supremacy, they will either try to make the best movies possible or try to push out as many movies as possible. People are already tired of all these movies, so they likely won’t tolerate any more poor quality. Both Marvel and DC are going through a transitional period right now. Marvel is definitely on the decline. Over at DC, they are in limbo.

They are still determining what their brand-new slate is going to look like. Now, James Gunn is trying to recreate what Marvel has been doing so well for years. Build one unified Universe. While many fans are still angry about past stars like Henry Cavill not returning to their superhero roles, many are also excited about the future. DC is in a better position right now. Their future is wide open as their Universe is set to reboot. On the other hand, Marvel is looking to recreate the magic of the past ten years. Sadly, they might never be able to reach those heights again.

Complete Disaster As Marvel Delay All Disney Plus Shows

Over the last few years, much has been said about quantity over quality regarding Marvel content. In what appears to be a way to mitigate the drop in quality, Marvel has decided to delay almost all future Disney Plus shows. These shows will include the second season of Loki, the Ironman spin-off Ironheart, Secret Invasion, and the WondaVision spin-off Agatha. At this point, why Marvel did this is still being determined.

With the firing of Victoria Alonso, who was in charge of post-production special effects, they might have had no one to take this job over and finish the post-production work. Alternatively, it could also be to go back and improve the quality of some work. It might be that Marvel finally understands they cannot simply push out content. It is worth pointing out that most Marvel shows are well-received by the audience.

The only big issue that there might be is ratings. It is one thing to have a good show. It is another thing to build up an audience and make people watch. Although Disney Plus has grown massively over the last few years, it has not been profitable. Despite having a subscriber count of 161.8 million worldwide, they still need to show an overall net profit. This proves how much streaming services need to put in if they ever hope to make money. Right now, Disney is heavily investing in content, which is likely why its expenses are so high. Moving forward, they will probably have to cut some costs. Their year-over-year subscriber growth has also stopped. This does mean that they will have to start cutting expenses, too.


Moving forward, it is going to be interesting to see exactly how all of this is going to play out for Marvel and Disney. People might be tired of all the superhero content, but it is clear that Disney has no plans to stop now. As long as people are willing to watch, there will always be new shows. Marvel has built a massive universe over the past few years, and they are eager to continue this universe. With competition from Warner Bros and DC, we can expect better quality moving forward.

Only some Marvel movies released over the last few years are good. This means that they are still capable of realizing high-quality content. However, even in cases where films are reviewed well, box-office numbers are still down. This means that something is turning the audience away from watching. There are, of course, several contributing factors to this. Likely, this probably comes down to no consistent quality. All Marvel movies used to be fantastic, with the occasional few decent.

All Marvel movies are decent, with the occasional few that are good. More is needed to keep your audience long-term. In the future, things will turn for the better.

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