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Complete Disaster: Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel Over Firing

Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel
Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel

There is an old saying. Don’t make the mouse angry. Unfortunately, some people never learn. Due to this, a crazy lawsuit against Marvel might be pending. By this point, I am sure that most superhero fans are familiar with the firing of former top Marvel Executive Victoria Alonso. Speculation about her departure has been rampant for quite some time now. Luckily, much more detail is now emerging from both sides.

For those who might not know, Victoria Alonso served as President of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation at Marvel Studios. This means that she is in charge of all the special effects. Over the last few years, CGI has become a massive point of contention among fans. It is no secret that special effects are not Marvel’s strong suit. Sadly, this is an issue that runs Disney-wide. In fact, Out of all the Major studios out there, Disney might be the worst of them all. Marvel is no exception to this, and many are placing the blame on the President of VFX.

It should be noted that Victoria Alonso is much more than just a special effects person. She serves as the right hand to Kevin Feige and, in many ways, is one of the masterminds behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a lesbian woman, she is also a massive driving force behind the company’s push to be more inclusive. She is a vocal advocate of LGBTQ rights and vowed to push more women to the forefront at the studio. Many believe Alonso will replace Kevin Feige once the time comes. With her firing, that will not happen any longer.

Why Did Marvel Fire Former Top Executive?

With such a long-standing Record spreading over 17 years at Marvel, there must have been a good reason why she was fired. The truth is that this situation is quite complicated. Every story has two sides, and it will be almost impossible to get the correct version. According to Marvel, she was in breach of her contract, so she was fired. Victoria Alonso recently worked on another film called Argentina in 1985. She served as a producer, and the film was nominated for an Oscar for her work.

Not only did she do production work for another film, but she also heavily promoted it. Alonso’s time, however, belongs to the mouse. You can’t just go and do other projects when employed by Disney to work on Marvel projects. Thus, the Legion Of Doom convened and decided to fire her. It is said that Kevin Feige did not intervene in the decision at all. This might be an indication that he is in favor of getting rid of her. Many reports have popped up over the last few days, suggesting she is extremely hard to work with.

Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel
Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel

They say she ignored direct orders and refused to follow specific instructions. This can obviously become a massive problem. If a studio has a vision and a confident Executive only wants to do things their way, it can become an enormous issue for the project. Thus, it would not surprise me if they were looking for a reason to get rid of her. Marvel is on the decline. They are trying to make changes, and getting rid of a self-serving Executive is a step in the right direction.

Complete Disaster: Former Marvel Executive Responds In The Worst Way

There are, of course, two sides to every story. Victoria Alonso tells a very different version of what happened. She insists she did not break any rules regarding her breach of contract. She insists she had full permission to work on another project, a claim that Marvel denies. However, Alonso also goes much more profound and makes a few severe allegations. As previously stated, Alonso is part of the LGBTQ community, and she did not hesitate one moment to play that card.

She immediately suggested that this was a contributing factor to her firing. She also alleges that Marvel asked her to do stuff she could not comply with. Alonso also alleges that the company is silencing her over her LGBTQ advocacy. For those who might not remember, Victoria Alonso is one of the driving forces behind Disney and their fight against Florida over the “Don’t say gay” bill. She famously got up on stage and personally called out the CEO of Disney, telling him to do more.

Marvel Executive Fired
Marvel Executive Fired

This, of course, resulted in her being removed from all future promotional material. Alonso’s lawyer says that the firing comes down to her being outspoken and favoring gay people. This is a bit of a reach. I do think Marvel might want to move away from Politics. They might know that it does them no favors. Fans don’t care who you vote for. When you take a firm stance in one direction, you alienate the other side. This should never happen in the film. Entertainment is for everyone, no matter your political beliefs. It could be that Marvel is trying to eliminate the Woke agenda. I do have my doubts, though.

Is Marvel About To Be Sued Again?

With Victoria Alonso now at Marvel and both sides giving their version of events, we must look at what is next. Rumors are rampant that there will be an impending lawsuit. Alonso’s lawyer made a public statement saying they are exploring all current options. Her lawyer points blank and states that Alonso will leave in public. That public setting is likely to be a court. If Victoria Alonso truly feels she did not breach her contract, she will likely sue.

Although it can be scary to go up against a big studio in court, it is worth pointing out that Victoria Alonso’s lawyer is already suing Disney. Alonso is not the only executive who lost her job recently. Lucasfilm executive Karyn McCarthy is also suing Disney for wrongful termination. It is not a coincidence that these two executives share a lawyer. Whether or not Alonso will win this case is another story. Disney states that she is being fired over breach of contract. Alonso says she is being fired over being vocal about gay rights.

Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel
Crazy Lawsuit Against Marvel

This is a powerful statement. It is also a statement that will be extremely difficult to prove in court. Alonso will need strong evidence to prove discrimination. Unfortunately, I do not see this lawsuit turning out well for her. If, however, Marvel discriminated, I hope she wins her case. It goes without saying but no company should discriminate against their gay workers. Ultimately, only time will tell if Victoria Alonso will go through with this suit.

Is Marvel Executive Creating A Toxic Work Environment

With Victoria Alonso’s firing, much has been said about her departure from Marvel. Plenty of reports have been alleging that Alonso is toxic within the workplace. Earlier last week, several VFX workers alleged that Alonso is a kingmaker. She will give plenty of work to those she likes but will destroy anyone who crosses her. You will be done in the industry if she does not want you personally. Many also allege that they are horribly underpaid by industry standards.

Some VFX workers say they receive 20% less for their work than they make at other studios. If true, this is, in fact, shameful. Marvel makes more than enough money for Disney to afford to pay their workers. Some VFX workers also state that they work under horrible conditions. Workers are under an extreme crunch and can’t meet specific deadlines. Alonso is president of post-production special effects, so all of this becomes her responsibility.

She is the one who needs to ensure that proper planning gets done. It is worth pointing out that Marvel is now fixing the crunch. Over at Disney Plus, they have decided to delay most upcoming Marvel shows. Whether this is done because of Alonso’s firing is still being determined. Alonso was the post-production president of Special Effects. With her gone, they might have to delay. Alternatively, Marvel might be waiting for projects now to fix the mess left by Alonso. They might now want to go back and fix all previous VFX work done so poorly under her. This, of course, is just pure speculation.

Toxic Work Environment Allegations Against Marvel Executive Debunked?

While it is easy to condemn Victoria Alonso as a toxic Marvel executive, looking at both sides is essential. While some VFX workers have stated that their experience under Alonso was terrible, not everyone agrees. Some VFX workers have also gone on record to defend her. One senior VFX worker pushed back against the allegations, stating, “The idea of a very senior exec terrifying rank and file artists, per some reports, feels a bit off.” These types of statements can be deceiving. This specific artist might be one of the workers who are on the allowlist.

Some workers did state that if you are in Alonso’s good books, she will make you a king. This may be one of those kingmakers speaking out. Alternatively, those other artists are bitter. We might never know the absolute truth. Some actors pushed back against the narrative that Alonso is toxic. Some describe her as “a supportive force on set.” They say that she is nothing but positive and supportive on set.

Alonso is a co-founder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I am sure she worked with many actors. It is only natural that opinions will be different. Some might like her, and others will not. It is unclear to what extent she might be toxic in the workplace. The concept of an Executive being toxic does not surprise me. Alternatively, the idea of a corporation using an executive as a scrap

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