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How Captain Marvel Evolved Into The Strongest Avenger

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Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel

Captain Marvel: A Cosmic Evolution – Tracing the Journey of Carol Danvers


Why are there two Captain Marvel’s?Due to DC’s inability to utilize the name “Captain Marvel” in their branding and merchandise, naming the hero posed a considerable challenge. In the same year that DC revamped Captain Shazam, Marvel underwent a controversial transformation by rebranding Carol Danvers, Mar-Vell’s former partner, as the all-new Captain Marvel. This move added another layer of complexity and stirred controversy within the comic book community. – Source: Collider
Is Captain Marvel The Strongest Avenger?Arguably the most powerful Avenger in the MCU, Captain Marvel has moments that definitively showcase her strength. Within the fictional universe, Carol Danvers has donned the superhero mantle since the year 1995. – Source: imdb
When did Captain Marvel become Shazam?Despite purists persistently calling the character Captain Marvel, DC formally altered the title of “Earth’s mightiest mortal” to Shazam in the year 2012. – Source: Britannica
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Captain Marvel has a long-standing history within the pages of Marvel comics. While her introduction into the MCU might have been controversial, the comic book character holds a separate place in superhero history. Carol Danvers first debuted in 1968. Initially, her role was that of a supporting character. However, over the years, Captain Marvel became one of the most powerful Avengers ever. While her comic book roots are looked upon more pleasantly, her live-action counterpart is not so fortunate.

In The Begining, There Was Only Ms. Marvel

As a United States Air Force officer, Carol Danvers appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in 1968. Over the next few years, she took on various roles within the Marvel Universe, including security chief at a NASA facility. In 1977, in Ms. Marvel #1, Carol Danvers truly stepped into the superhero spotlight.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

As Ms. Marvel, Carol gained superhuman abilities after an accident involving Kree technology and the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. Her powers included super strength, flight, and energy projection, making her a formidable force in the Marvel Universe. Ms. Marvel’s early adventures were marked by her struggle to balance her superhero responsibilities with her personal life, reflecting the complexities of a female superhero in the 1970s.

The Binary Phase That Gave Birth To Captain Marvel (1977-1982)

In Avengers #200 (1980), Ms. Marvel faced a controversial storyline involving manipulation and impregnation by an otherworldly entity. This narrative decision sparked criticism for its portrayal of Carol Danvers and her lack of agency in the storyline. As a response to the backlash, Marvel sought to redefine the character.

In Avengers Annual #10 (1981), written by Chris Claremont, Carol Danvers transformed Binary. This cosmic alteration granted her even greater powers, including the ability to tap into the energy of a white hole. As Binary, Carol became a cosmic entity. She distanced herself from her Earthly origins and explored the far reaches of the universe as a member of the spacefaring team known as the Starjammers.

The binary phase represented a pivotal moment in Carol Danvers’s evolution. It showcases Marvel’s willingness to adapt and grow its characters in response to internal and external pressures.

Brie Larson As Captain Marvel Generated By AI
Brie Larson As Captain Marvel Generated By AI

The Human Within Carol Danvers (1982-1997)

After her cosmic adventures, Carol Danvers returned to Earth and resumed her superhero activities. However, she struggled with alcoholism, a common theme in Marvel comics that mirrored real-world issues. During this period, Carol adopted the codename Warbird and continued her membership with the Avengers.

The Warbird era allowed writers to delve into Carol’s internal conflicts and personal struggles. As a result, it humanized the character and made her more relatable to readers. It also paved the way for her eventual path to redemption and self-discovery.

From Ms. Marvel To Captain (1997-2012)

In the late 1990s, Carol Danvers reclaimed the mantle of Ms. Marvel in the pages of the “Live Kree or Die” storyline. With her return, writers sought to redefine her character, emphasizing her leadership skills and resilience. Ms. Marvel became a prominent member of the Avengers, showcasing her abilities as a strategic thinker and formidable warrior.

During this period, Carol faced various challenges, including a bout with Rogue, a fellow mutant, and an identity crisis that led her to embrace the title of Captain Marvel in 2012 fully.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

The MCU Birth Of Captain Marvel (2012-Present)

The momentous decision to have Carol Danvers take on the mantle of Captain Marvel occurred in the miniseries “Avenging Spider-Man” #9 and “Captain Marvel” #1, both published in 2012. Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote this change as a deliberate and empowering move. It signals a new chapter in Carol Danvers’ superhero journey.

As Captain Marvel, Carol gained a new title and costume, reflecting her elevated status in the Marvel Universe. The decision to rebrand as Captain Marvel was not just a name change; it represented a commitment to empowerment, breaking free from the limitations of the past, and stepping into a role that echoed the legacy of the original Captain Marvel. Ironically, the change to Captain Marvel saw the character drastically decline in popularity.

From Box Office Success To Controversy

Under the guidance of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Captain Marvel became a symbol of female empowerment, inspiring a dedicated fanbase known as the Carol Corps. While some changes to the character are considered controversial, her popularity cannot be denied. On the comic book pages, Captain Marvel is presented in a much better light than the Marvel Cinematic Universe version.

Carol Danvers
Carol Danvers

The release of the “Captain Marvel” film in 2019 further solidified Carol Danvers as a key player in the MCU and a symbol of female strength and resilience. However, the rise in popularity can also be attributed to other external factors. Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel was released when Marvel could do no wrong.

If there was a good time to release a Marvel film, it would have been during the conclusion of Infinity War and the preclusion of End Game. While you can see Captain Marvel as an extremely popular character due to the 1 billion dollars she generated, the controversy surrounding her can also suggest the opposite.

Oh Captain, My Captain

As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has played a central role in Marvel’s cosmic landscape. Her adventures have taken her across the galaxy, battling cosmic threats and proving herself as a leader among superhero teams. The character’s narrative has expanded to include themes of responsibility, sacrifice, and the cosmic consequences of her actions.

Her leadership role in “Alpha Flight: True North” and “The Mighty Captain Marvel” series, among others, showcases her ability to command respect and make tough decisions for the greater good. This evolution from a struggling superhero to a cosmic powerhouse and leader is a testament to the character’s enduring appeal.


The evolution of Carol Danvers from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel reflects the changing landscape of Marvel Comics. It borders on societal shifts towards inclusivity and empowerment. The character’s journey embodies resilience, growth, and overcoming adversity.

While it is easy to dismiss the impact of Carol Denvers due to her Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayal, it is important to remember that a different version exists pre-2012. In addition, not everyone is against the Brie Larson version of Captain Marvel. Regardless of where you fall on the superhero spectrum, her 50-year history cannot be overlooked.

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