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Kotaku Senior Editor and DEI Consultant Calls For More Censorship

By Baiting Irrelevance Apr9,2024

Kotaku Senior Editor Alyssa Mercante Wants Former ‘World Of Warcraft’ Team Lead Mark Kern Blackballed

Former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern finds himself in some hot water after making a joke about attractive gamer girls. Now when I say in hot water, I mean two crazy people on Twitter crying about a few posts. If you are scratching your head right now wondering who Mark Kern is, that is fine. How he is does not matter much when talking about this story. However, for those who might be curious, here is just a brief rundown.

He is a game developer who has been in the industry for years. Originally, he worked for Blizzard as one of the leads in the World of Warcraft team. He later left Blizzard and created his own gaming studio. However, certain people are upset about his tweets, rather than his games. More specifically, he highlights tweets from other game developers and writers. Mark likes to make a habit of sharing tweets about other game developers who make racist remarks.

Unfortunately for Mark, he likes to highlight racist remarks that the mainstream gaming media and pushers consider the right type of racism. If you are still confused, allow me to share a few examples with you. Here is the community manager for Fallout Prime claiming on X that white people cannot be racist against white people. She also makes a bunch of other tweets. One states, “Men. White men with white knight complexes sat around a table and thought, hmm, what way to profit off of real trauma that is a very real problem in this industry, especially in content creation.”

This tweet is one of many where she specifically goes after white men. Whether or not white men actually hold power does not make her tweets any less disturbing.

Mark Kern
Mark Kern

The Crazy People On Twitter

It is ironic that this person is speaking about power when she holds so much. This one comment she made is one of the lighter ones out of many other ones. Mark decided to point this out, and as you can imagine, it caused a meltdown. Now, in response to all of this, another person decided to make their presence felt. That person would be the Kotaku Senior Editor Alyssa Mercante. You have likely heard her name before, and if you did not, consider yourself lucky.

She responded to Mark by stating, “This absolute toe nail is trying to sic any of his followers on WOMEN/POCs/QUEER FOLX in the industry. Every single person in a position of power should be speaking out against this with their entire chest. Ban this man from events. Support your employees. Period.” This statement is pretty ironic coming from her. Just a few weeks ago, she was using her audience to go after the Sweet Baby Inc. detected steam group creator.

Right now, she is busy writing hit pieces on Melonie Mac and Asmongold. She tried to infiltrate Sweet Baby Inc Detected and get people to use their real identities. I can only imagine what she wanted to do with that information. A DEI consultant also jumped in and said, “He needs to be blacklisted because this has gone way too far.”

All of this happened because he highlighted a bunch of tweets where a community manager was making comments about certain groups.


Now, in all honesty, I would be shocked if any white men were actually offended. At most, they would be irritated by the hypocrisy. Personally, I find it funny how certain people try to self-deprecate. Most people making tweets like this are white themselves. They might be women, but they are not far removed from the groups they’re trying to grandstand against. Ultimately, whether or not you find these tweets racist does not matter.

They still divide people, and that is not good. You divide people into groups, referring to them as POC, Gay, or White. True developers and community managers understand that none of this exists in gaming. There are just gamers. Gaming is a fantasy land where people from all sexes, religions, and races can come together and enjoy something. Gaming has the ability to be a truly borderless world, and people like this who only care about grouping people do nothing to bring the community together.

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