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Why People Hate The Star Wars Outlaws Trailer

By Baiting Irrelevance Apr15,2024

The new Star Wars Outlaws trailer is out, and to say that fans are disappointed would be an understatement. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this release, and as always, things are more complicated than you think. There are those who are upset by the character’s design. Then, there are those who are upset by those who are upset by the character’s design. They argue that just because a character is not doable does not mean that the game is bad.

Of course, due to the bad reaction to the game, those who support these types of changes are quick to label gamers as sexist and toxic. While the character’s design certainly does come into play, I have observed that the issues surrounding this game go much deeper. Although I have a lot to say about the design, I will start with the more pressing issues. Firstly, I will be at least a tiny bit charitable and commend them for trying something different. Many are upset that this is a Star Wars game without lightsabers. While lightsabers do make everything better, I understand this creative decision. Not everyone is a Jedi.

Characters like Solo obviously come to mind. They have already told the stories of the Jedi, and now they want to tell the other side. Doing this is certainly fine. If you add great gadgets, awesome vehicles, and a good variety of spaceships, you might just pull it off. The vast majority of the Star Wars Universe is not lightsaber-wielding Jedi. Unfortunately, lightsaber-wielding Jedi is still the best part of Star Wars, regardless. Thus, telling a Star Wars story through playable characters who don’t have those abilities will always be tough to pull off.

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws And Getting Used To Not Owning Your Money

Of course, there is a much deeper problem as well. Start Wars Outlaws was created by the publisher and developer, who said that gamers need to get used to not owning their games. It is crazy to admit this, but only a few years ago, I was happy to hear the news that EA would no longer have exclusive rights over the IP. Now, if I look back, I might regret those words. This brings me to my next point, microtransactions. I never thought that any publisher could be as bad as EA, but Ubisoft sure is trying its best.

Over the years, it has become a standard practice for publishers to do this. The cost of buying a game has never been higher. However, certain companies always take it a step further. They will hide behind the high cost of development as an excuse to do these types of things. While there is enough evidence to prove that simply creating a great game that sells for 70 dollars is enough, companies no longer care. Making millions is not the goal. You need to make billions. Anything less is considered a failure. So, let’s look at the Star Wars microtransactions.

Firstly, upfront, the pricing is pretty standard. The cost of the game is $70, or you can play it on Ubisoft Plus for $18 a month. Then there is another addition that allows you to play three days early and gives you access to the season pass for $109. If you really feel like spending money, you can also pay for the $130 version that includes a cosmetic art book and a few other garbage nonsense that is not worth mentioning. The base game is essentially stripped of all content, and you pay $70 for it.


Now let’s talk about character design. In all honesty, I do not have much to say about this. People did point out that Ubisoft went out of its way to change the design of the actress who plays the lead. Based on the theme that they are going for, I do not think it is that bad. Unfortunately, due to studios now going out of their way to change character designs, this was always going to be an issue. The moment the design of the character was announced, people immediately pointed out that there was an attempt to make her look worse than needed.

Obviously, with that, people pushed back and said that the character does not have to be attractive. However, many of those same people also had a mental breakdown about Stellar Blade, saying that the lead design had an unrealistic body type. Now obviously, that is not true., I see at least 20 of these girls that look like the Stellar Blade girl at my gym every day. At this point, I do not think people are mad because it is an unrealistic body type. I think they are mad because it is attainable but requires effort they are unwilling to put in.

Obviously, there are also certain generic barriers that people cannot overcome. It is actually for that reason people like to play video games. They get to escape and play with a character that they dreamed up in a fantasy land. People do not want to look in a mirror when they are playing. They want to escape reality. However, as stated, there are many things wrong with this game. The design of this character is very low on my list.

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