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Stellar Blade Model Makes Mary Sue Meltdown As They Cry About “Creepy Men”

Stellar Blade is a highly anticipated Game, set to release on PlayStation on 5 April 2024. Since its announcement, the game has garnered a lot of attention. However, it is not due to its gameplay but rather how the lead protagonist looks. She is a very attractive woman, and in recent years, that has become a hot-button issue. Not under gamers but rather under social and political activists who somehow have made their way into the video game space. Over the last few years, there has been a massive drive from companies like Sweet Baby Inc to change the way women look in video games.

This means any attractive woman in a video game is immediately labeled sexist. In recent years, there has been an active drive to change the appearance of female characters. From Lara Craft to Horizon Zero Dawn and even Harley Quinn in the recent Suicide Squad Game, efforts have been made to heavily change their appearances. While I will not deny that attractive characters are often used for the sole purpose of fan service, labeling this as bad makes very little sense. Fan service is part of the entertainment, and no matter how much you try to deny it, fans are just more inclined to watch or play something if they find what is in front of them attractive.

While this is not always true, it is true enough of the time. Stellar Blade accepts this hypothesis head-on and spends a lot of time on character design. For this, they have received a lot of praise but also a lot of pushback.

Stellar Blade Model
Stellar Blade Model

The Stellar Blade Model Delusion

The latest article by Mary Sue puts a new spin on things by stating that it is not the design that is the problem but creepy men. This spin is honestly quite creative, although also extremely deceptive. They first focus exclusively on the sexualization of women in entertainment. Of course, they ignore that men are also sexualized. This is true across music, movies, and games. If you want to argue that it is different because women get shamed for being sexual while men are praised, you might have a point. However, that shame often comes from their own sex, and so does sexualization.

I have seen countless women who lose their minds over the shirtless vampires in Twilight. The same can be said for every time Henry Cavill takes his shirt off in a movie, or BTS does anything on stage. Movies like Magic Mike and plenty more are prime examples. Over-sexualization does happen. However, both sexes participate in this practice, and both love it. The numbers do not lie. Pretty people move products.

The article further dives into the Sweet Baby Inc controversy and, of course, defends what they do. All of the controversy is not the agendas being pushed but rather the extremist conservative men being creepy. They state that these extremist conservative men label the Stellar Blade model anti-woke because the lead character is attractive. Firstly, they do that because you label every attractive character anti-woke. Secondly, it is not anti-woke because the character is attractive, but rather because the developer did not back down when all of you started to cry over the pretty video game girl.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade

Nothing To See Here, Foks

Another thing that has been bothering me is how defenders of censorship portray this situation. First, they point out that there is no outrage over the portrayal of this character. Instead, it is just the big-bad conservatives who are making it into a big story. That is objectively nonsense. One Google search will prove that false. If that is not enough, then the existence of companies like Sweet Baby Inc. should tell you everything.

If this is a made-up controversy, then why are there real-life companies trying to push these changes? Now, I am willing to meet some people halfway. The word Woke can sometimes be incorrectly described. Obviously, having diverse representation is not woke. Those who think so are wrong. However, so are those who think every time a person calls something woke, they are referring to diverse casting. Do those two things sometimes correspond? Yes. But that is oftentimes because some of these people use diverse casting to push their political agenda.

They will not focus on the story of a game or TV show but rather simply on the entire identity of the story, including how diverse the cast is. When people criticize the story, these writers call them sexist or racist. People then call them woke due to the agenda of the story, and they then use the diverse cast as a shield by stating that they only hated the story because of this reason. Ultimately, there is no quick fix to this issue. Developers should just create the games that they want, and it is up to the consumers whether they want to buy them. If enough people stop buying, these companies will very quickly change.


What is currently happening is that companies like Sweet Baby Inc. approach developers. They then tell them that their games cater only to White Men. Then they show them graphs showing how many other groups, including women, also play video games. They then convince these companies that if they are more inclusive to other groups like women, they will make even more money. What they fail to realize is things like fan service are not exclusive to men. Women like it too.

While these companies try to divide people up into camps dictated by their race or sex, most gamers don’t view it that way. Our minds are much simpler. We like good stories and pretty people. You give us that, and we will play.

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