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Why Sweet Baby Inc Is Melting Down On Twitter

The Woke Consulting Firm That Is Destroying Games

If you have never heard of Sweet Baby Inc, you might consider yourself lucky. Their reputation on the internet is not exactly the best. Sadly, their track record in the gaming industry is not faring any better either. Sweet Baby Inc describes itself as a company that “tell better, more empathetic stories while diversifying and enriching the video games industry“. To sum it up, studios hire them to make their games more inclusive and less offensive. When I say less offensive, I mean what people of twitter deem offensive. That is pretty much any pretty girl in a skirt.

If you recall Anita Sarkeesian, it is almost identical to what she did. You approach studios, call their games problematic, and then sell them your solution. Sweet Baby Inc have been doing this for years now and business is booming. However, the studios that get involved with them cannot say the same. Recently someone on steam decided to make a list of all the games that this company has been involved in. It serves as almost a warning label to consumers.

While the original poster of this list never called for any harassment or even for people not to buy the games, Sweet Baby Inc did take great offense to the post. This should come as no surprise as their jobs are to be offended by video games and then changing the stories to reflect their world view. The list of games that they have been involved in stretches quite wide. From the recent Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League game all the way to Assasins Creed Valhala and more.

Sweet Baby Inc
Sweet Baby Inc

Sweet Baby Inc Strike On Twitter

As stated, some within the company is not very happy with the current steam list making the rounds informing people of the games that they are involved in. One employee took to Twitter to report the list and also highlight the poster that originally made it. Now, this is a silly thing to do because it just makes you look bad. The poster on the list is a consumer, and you are allowed to say that you do not recommend a certain game. Whether it is valid reasons or not is up to the rest of the gaming community to decide.

While Sweet Baby Inc employees is also allowed to their opinions, you will still look bad if you respond to these type of things. At the end of the day, you are selling a service. If you put it out in front of people they can review, critique and even hate it how they want. While Sweet Baby Inc has the right to respond to that, it will serve no purpose. We all have Human moments, but it is never a good look to do this. Another employee also hit out on twitter calling for the post on steam to be taken down.

Once again, all of this over a poster simply telling people that Sweet Baby Inc worked on a certain project. Why they are so scared to stand behind their work, I do not know. I would have thought that they are proud of the work that they have done. Them responding like this only turns this into a larger issue. When it comes to publishers and developers hiring these types of companies, I do not see that stopping anytime soon.


Many publishers have lost touch with what the consumer wants. While developers might still have their pulse on the community, often, they are not the ones making these decisions. These diversity companies are hired by the publisher who knows nothing about gaming. These are often just billionaires who bought their way into the industry or a publicly traded publisher who has a board of directors who make these decisions. They also know nothing. That is how companies like Sweet Baby Inc weasel their way in.

They approach the board of directors or the publishers directly. They will then show them a bunch of tweets calling their game a bad word like racist or sexist. These poor people on the board do not know that it is not a true reflection of their gaming community and they then hire these diversity companies and the end results is often devastating.


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