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Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante Is Back And Crazier Than Ever

By Baiting Irrelevance May15,2024

Alyssa Mercante is likely one of the worst online people you can encounter on social media. You can consider yourself extremely fortunate if you have never heard this name before. She works for Kotaku, and that is likely all you need to know to assess her character. She is the type of person who holds strong opinions on certain topics. However, not only does she hold strong opinions, she expects everyone else to agree with her.

If you disagree with her, she will look for your details and harass the people around you. She is one of the people who tried to infiltrate the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected subreddit, trying to get members’ personal information so they could contact their families and places of work. She demands that you agree with her, or she will find your Family and destroy your life. In addition, she will just say the worst things imaginable, and then when she gets backlash, she will turn around, call the disagreement hate, and cry about what a victim she is.

It is a classic tactic, and there is nothing special about it. Over the last few weeks, she has been in an online battle with a former Blizzard Developer, an entire subreddit, and online content creators. One of these content creators is Smash JT. As you can imagine, this online battle very quickly turned ugly when Alyssa decided to look up Smash JT’s wife’s contact information and send her a bunch of messages.

Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante
Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante

Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante Contact YouTuber Wife

Smash JT has been involved in a change.org petition that calls on Kotaku to shut their doors permanently. This is a wish that will likely happen soon. Alyssa did not respond kindly and sent a direct message to Smash JT. It reads, “You and your Ilk are sending harassment towards countless people for clout. That man could kill someone, and your emboldening him. I truly wish nothing but the worst for you for the rest of your miserable life. You’re a fucking 45-year-old man; look at what you’re doing with your life.”

Now, this idea that you are inciting harassment because you are sharing your thoughts is silly. I am sure she has been harassed, but her opinions have also been the cause of others’ harassment. In addition to that, she is doing online harassment. Smash JT decided not to engage, which is when Alyssa Mercante decided to look for his wife and message her. She wrote in her direct message, “Hi, I’m reaching out because I just want you to be aware of the fact that your husband and father of your children is sending heaps of harassment towards women (myself included) and other folks on social media over video games. He is writing videos about me and has even made a petition about me.

Today, he shared a post from a man who has been threatening to execute me “in virtual reality” for weeks, a man who has photoshopped himself pointing guns at me and blood on my face. When I pointed this out to your husband, he deleted his post. He then commented jokingly on a post I made about him platforming a violent man by sharing a petition he is made to “End” the website I work for.

Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante Contact YouTuber Wife
Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante Contact YouTuber Wife

The Crazy Continue

Now, this is a level of crazy that I do not know how to explain. Firstly, Smash JT did not know about the history of the man behind the post that he shared. Why would he know that? When Alyssa pointed it out, Smash took immediate action and deleted everything. If this were the 1950s, people like Alyssa would have been in an asylum. However, instead, she is on Twitter. This is not a person who can handle the attention.

She has since stated that she will be removing herself from the online space, but as you can imagine, that did not last long. These people are addicted to the attention. It is a mental illness. Most people can post their thoughts and be done with them. However, others make it their personality to go after anyone who disagrees. They then turn around and make themselves the victim. It is like a weird drug to them. Ultimately, it is very simple: do not be a Mercante without the Mer and the E.

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