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Why Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Is So Important

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a 2022 Japanese animated film, falls within the genre of martial arts fantasy adventure. Tetsuro Kodama directed the film. It was produced by Toei Animation and scripted by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball series. This movie marks the twenty-first installment in the animated Dragon Ball film series and the twenty-second overall. Notably, it is the fourth film to have Toriyama’s direct involvement. It is the second to bear the Dragon Ball Super branding and the first to employ predominantly 3D animation. The film’s announcement took place in May 2021, accompanied by the release of a teaser trailer in October 2021. Its official release dates were June 11, 2022, in Japan and August 19, 2022, in North America.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Plot

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero introduces a captivating twist to the franchise by steering away from Goku and Vegeta. Instead, they place Piccolo and Gohan at the forefront of an enthralling adventure. The once-thought-buried Red Ribbon Army resurfaces, now under the ambitious leadership of Commander Magenta, the son of the notorious Red. Magenta aims to revive the organization’s legacy and enlists the superhero-enthusiast mad scientist, Dr. Hedo, Gero’s grandson, to craft the ultimate android warriors. Meet Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, sleek and powerful machines programmed with a heroic delusion.

Their misguided heroism thrusts Piccolo and Gohan into a whirlwind of confusion and conflict, as they find themselves mistakenly perceived as villains. To unravel the true motives of the Red Ribbon Army, the two Z-Fighters must navigate a complex web of deception and engage in thrilling battles. As the stakes escalate and doubts emerge, Piccolo and Gohan confront their own limitations. They embark on a journey to rediscover the hero within themselves. Super Hero skillfully blends classic Dragon Ball action with heartwarming moments of mentorship and self-discovery, showcasing that even the most unexpected heroes can rise to the occasion.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo

Reception To Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s reception was a glorious clash of ki blasts and critical acclaim. Fans and critics alike lauded the film for its:

Animation Evolution

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero embarked on a daring evolution for the franchise. They venture boldly into the realm of 3D animation for the very first time. While encountering initial skepticism from fans accustomed to the classic 2D style, the final outcome delivered an exceptionally visually stunning experience that pushed the boundaries of Dragon Ball animation.

Traditional frames were cast aside. It made way for fluid and dynamic movements that breathed unprecedented life into the intense Saiyan battles. Explosions burst forth in glorious detail. Beams of energy crackled with vibrant hues, and each punch and kick reverberated with bone-jarring impact. The character models retained the iconic Dragon Ball aesthetic, seamlessly blending the familiar with the innovative.

This transformation went beyond mere cosmetic enhancement. The 3D animation opened doors to camera angles and fight choreography previously unattainable in 2D. Dynamic pans swept through the battlefield. They immersed viewers in the heart of the action while intricate combos flowed with newfound fluidity. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero wasn’t merely a 3D rendition of a Dragon Ball movie. It reimagined the possibilities of Dragon Ball animation, leaving both long-standing fans and newcomers in awe of its visual prowess.

Regardless of whether one embraced the shift or held onto nostalgia for the past, there’s no denying that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s animation evolution represented a significant chapter in the franchise’s history. It underscored the enduring capacity of Dragon Ball to innovate and astonish. In addition, they demonstrate that even decades after its inception, the series retains the power to captivate and surprise.

Gohan Beast Mode
Gohan Beast Mode

Piccolo And Gohan Take Center Stage

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero embarked on a refreshing deviation from the familiar Goku and Vegeta narrative, opting instead to cast Piccolo and Gohan into the limelight. This bold departure proved immensely successful, affording these cherished characters long-overdue opportunities to showcase their unique strengths and dynamics. Piccolo, the unflappable Namekian warrior, unveiled his strategic brilliance and tactical acumen, challenging the notion that sheer strength is paramount. His engagements served as masterful demonstrations of precision and cunning. It leverages agility and strategy to outmaneuver even the most formidable adversaries.

Gohan, once a prodigy now balancing family life with combat, rediscovered his latent potential. His battles harkened back to his Saiyan lineage, pulsating with raw power and exhilarating speed. Beyond the dazzling maneuvers, a more mature Gohan emerged. He grapples with self-doubt yet ultimately rises to the occasion—a testament to the enduring prowess of the Great Saiyaman. The core of the film lay in their partnership. The contrasting personalities of Piccolo’s stoicism and Gohan’s laid-back nature forged a delightful comedic dynamic.

Meanwhile, their shared history and mutual respect blossomed into a heartwarming portrayal of master-student camaraderie. By thrusting Piccolo and Gohan into the forefront, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero not only delivered thrilling action and humorous moments but also underscored the depth and richness of the Dragon Ball universe beyond Goku and Vegeta. It marked a triumphant resurgence for these fan-favorite characters. In addition, it affirms that even in the shadow of Saiyans, ample room exists for other heroes to radiate their brilliance.

Piccolo Transform
Piccolo Transform

Humor Heart And Soul Of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero bursts onto the scene with a bang. Beyond the epic clashes and pulsating ki blasts lies a hidden gem. A heart of humor and soul that elevates this film to a level more potent than a Senzu bean. While the movie fulfills our craving for the iconic Dragon Ball action, featuring breathtaking 3D animation that breathes life into our beloved Z-Fighters during spectacular combat, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero truly stands out in its unexpected moments of comedic brilliance and heartfelt sincerity.

Akira Toriyama, the mastermind behind the franchise, once again showcases his skill in seamlessly blending humor with action. Every punchline hits with the precision of a Kamehameha, often playfully poking at the series’ tropes and clichés. Whether it’s Piccolo’s dry wit, Gohan’s dad jokes, or the Red Ribbon Army’s comically misguided attempts at world domination, Super Hero is loaded with laugh-out-loud moments that will leave you catching your breath between ki blasts. Yet, the humor doesn’t overshadow the film’s emotional core. Super Hero delves deeper into the relationships among these iconic characters, particularly exploring the bond between Piccolo and Gohan.

Their master-student dynamic unfolds with genuine warmth and humor. It reminds them that family is the true driving force behind a hero’s heart in all its eccentric forms. We witness Gohan wrestling with self-doubt and the weight of responsibility. He navigates the challenges of fatherhood while embracing his inner Saiyan. Piccolo, the ever-stoic mentor, offers guidance with gruff affection, allowing their unspoken respect and camaraderie to blossom into a beautiful display of loyalty and trust. These heartfelt moments resonate profoundly, lending emotional weight to the ensuing action sequences. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a testament to the enduring potency of humor and heart.

Super Hero, New Androids
Super Hero, New Androids

Critical Cheers

Review aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes praised the film’s animation, characterization, and fan service, with a 78% critic score and 74% audience score. Super Hero experienced a critical reception akin to a fusion dance, blending praise with minor criticisms. Enthusiasts and critics alike lauded the film’s bold venture into 3D animation, where dynamic battles and vibrant characters captivated even the most seasoned Dragon Ball fans.

Piccolo and Gohan’s long-awaited time in the spotlight earned acclaim as a refreshing departure, spotlighting their unique skillsets and heartwarming master-student bond. The trademark Toriyama humor landed like precisely aimed ki blasts, seamlessly intertwining with poignant moments that delved into themes of family, self-doubt, and the rediscovery of inner strength. Yet, whispers of critique crackled like stray energy blasts.

Some purists lamented the departure from 2D animation, while others felt that, despite emotional depth, the plot lacked the narrative freshness of previous entries. Nevertheless, these criticisms were mere afterimages in comparison to the overwhelming positive energy. With an outstanding Rotten Tomatoes score and dominance at the box office, Super Hero demonstrated that, even decades later, Dragon Ball still possesses the prowess to power up and deliver a critical knockout.

All New Dragon Ball Super Androids
All New Dragon Ball Super Androids

Box Office Boom

Super Hero didn’t just earn critical acclaim. It emerged as a box office juggernaut, unleashing ki blasts that rained down on the competition. The film defied expectations, securing its place as the highest-grossing Dragon Ball film in North America, amassing a staggering $85 million in revenue (surpassing Broly’s $30 million), and globally ranking as the second-highest with a total of $102 million. Several factors contributed to this box office triumph.

Firstly, the film’s marketing campaign adeptly heightened anticipation for its 3D animation debut, promising fans a visually stunning experience. Secondly, the shift in focus to Piccolo and Gohan resonated with long-time viewers eager to witness these cherished characters at the forefront. Lastly, the film’s perfect blend of action, humor, and heartwarming moments attracted both established fans and newcomers, providing a universal appeal. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s box office success underscores the enduring influence of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Decades on, the series continues to enthrall audiences, emphasizing that its mix of exhilarating action, beloved characters, and timeless themes of friendship and self-discovery remains as potent as ever. The film’s financial triumph not only opens avenues for further exploration of the Dragon Ball universe in 3D animation but also lays the groundwork for potential additional adventures featuring Piccolo and Gohan. This solidifies their status as fan-favorite heroes within the realm of Dragon Ball.


Here Are Some Of The Things That Critics Liked About The Film

  • The animation is some of the best in the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • The action sequences are exciting and well-choreographed.
  • The film is funny and full of heart.
  • Piccolo and Gohan are given the spotlight in the film, and they are both great characters.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a great addition to the Dragon Ball franchise. It is a fun, action-packed film that will please fans of the series.

Dragon Ball Super New Movie
Dragon Ball Super New Movie


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – FAQ
1. What is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?
– Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a Japanese animated martial arts fantasy adventure film released in 2022. It is the twenty-first animated Dragon Ball feature film and the second under the Dragon Ball Super branding.
2. Who directed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?
– The film was directed by Tetsuro Kodama.
3. Who are the main characters in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?
– The film takes a refreshing detour from the usual focus on Goku and Vegeta, placing Piccolo and Gohan in the spotlight. The story revolves around their adventures as they face the nefarious Red Ribbon Army and its new leader, Commander Magenta.
4. What makes Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero unique?
– One of the unique aspects of the film is its bold leap into 3D animation, a departure from the classic 2D style seen in previous Dragon Ball films. This shift allowed for more dynamic movements, innovative fight choreography, and visually stunning sequences.
5. When was Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero released?
– The film was released in Japan on June 11, 2022, and in North America on August 19, 2022.
6. How was the critical reception of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?
– The film received positive reviews, with both fans and critics praising its 3D animation, engaging storyline, and the spotlight on Piccolo and Gohan. It was hailed for successfully blending classic Dragon Ball action with moments of humor and heart.
7. How did Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero perform at the box office?
– The film was a box office success, becoming the highest-grossing Dragon Ball film in North America, earning $85 million, and the second-highest worldwide, with a total of $102 million.
Frequently Asked Questions

Table Of Information

TitleDragon Ball Super
Original RunAnime: July 5, 2015 – March 28, 2018
Manga: June 20, 2015 – Present
CreatorAkira Toriyama
StudioToei Animation
Manga IllustratorToyotarou (Toyble)
GenreAction, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy
Number of Episodes131 (Anime)
Volumes (Manga)18 (Ongoing)
Main ProtagonistGoku
SettingUniverse 7
Story Arcs– Battle of Gods
– Resurrection ‘F’
– Universe 6
– Future Trunks
– Universe Survival
– Galactic Patrol Prisoner
Notable Transformations– Super Saiyan God
– Super Saiyan Blue (or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan)
MoviesDragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)
Spin-Off MangaDragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Upcoming)
Dragon Ball Super

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