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Navigating The Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes: A Comprehensive Guide

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball, renowned for its expansive story arcs and awe-inspiring power-ups, has enthralled audiences across generations. However, the anime, particularly Dragon Ball Z, is often associated with filler episodes. Narrative diversions from the original manga can blur the lines between canon and extraneous content. Therefore, for Z-Warriors in pursuit of unadulterated Saiyan insights, this guide is your key to navigating filler content and optimizing your training experience!

List Of Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes

TitleDragon Ball Z
Years Run1989 to 1996
Total Episodes291
Filler Percentage13%
Reported Filler Episodes38
Filler Episodes– 9-16: Global Training
– 39-44: Vegeta’s Respect
– 45-49: End of Snake Way
– 108-117: Garlic Jr.
– 118-125: Androids Saga
– 170-171: Prelude to the Cell Games
– 174: The Horror Won’t End
– 195-199: Other World Tournament
– 202-204: Great Saiyaman and World Tournament Sagas
– 274: The Evil of Men
– 287-288: Peaceful World Saga
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Dragon Ball Z Filler Episode Guide

Understanding DBZ Filler Episodes: What Are They

Dragon Ball Z, teeming with legendary battles and memorable transformations, also introduces a set of non-canon episodes known as “filler.” Although these escapades provide entertainment, they diverge from the original manga narrative. Consider them as side adventures in the Z-Warriors’ quest. They provide insights into character growth and humor and occasionally embark on peculiar detours. While bypassing these episodes won’t result in missing crucial plot developments, they contribute to world-building and bring extra excitement. So, welcome the filler as optional training, recognizing that even deviations can enrich the overall Dragon Ball Z experience!

Dragon Ball Z Filler
Dragon Ball Z Filler

Dragon Ball Filler: The Early Years

Ah, the formative era of Dragon Ball. Before Dragon Ball Z propelled us into monumental Saiyan clashes and universe-altering power thresholds, the original Dragon Ball meticulously laid the foundation with a mix of carefree exploration and martial arts chaos. While the manga faithfully chronicled Goku’s odyssey, the anime took some creative liberties. They inject a plethora of “filler” episodes amidst crucial story arcs.

These weren’t mere aimless diversions, however. They manifested as vivid bursts of creativity, enriching the world and characters orbiting Goku. We witnessed his collaborations with Bulma on treasure hunts. His training sessions were under the eccentric Master Roshi. In addition, even humorous encounters with villains like General Blue and his robotic legion. Some filler episodes delved into Goku’s childhood. They unveil his playful days with Bulma and Krillin. The others provide insights into the lives of supporting characters like Launch.

Certainly, these Dragon Ball Z filler episodes might not directly influence the overarching Saiyan narrative. However, they imbue the Dragon Ball universe with richness and depth. They bring forth humor, heartwarming moments, and unexpected character development. They are a collection of bonus tracks enhancing the beloved album of the story.

Thus, while purists may adhere to the manga’s streamlined narrative, there’s an undeniable charm in embracing the filler of the early years. It presents an opportunity to linger in a simpler time. It takes us back to when Goku was a spirited kid with a tail. He is eager for adventure, and the world is teeming with eccentric creatures and comical threats. It serves as a reminder that the essence of Dragon Ball lies not solely in grand battles. It also lies in the delight of exploration, the bonds of camaraderie, and the sheer enjoyment of a martial arts escapade through a fantastical realm.

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Filler: The Proliferation

Dragon Ball Z is renowned for its monumental Super Saiyan transformations and universe-rattling clashes. However, they also earns the somewhat dubious distinction of being a filler heavyweight. As the anime deviated from the manga’s more concise pacing, a virtual explosion of non-canon episodes emerged. They were occasionally engulfing entire sagas in their wake. This “proliferation” proved to be a mixed bag. While it bestowed upon us treasures like the flamboyant antics of the Ginyu Force and the Spice Boys’ dance-offs with Garlic Jr., providing welcome comedic relief amid apocalyptic threats, the sheer volume could be overwhelming. It had the potential to dilute the main story’s momentum, leaving viewers pondering the truly essential components.

However, this wasn’t merely frivolous fluff. Filler episodes ventured into uncharted territories of the Dragon Ball universe. They unravel the backstories of side characters, resurrect forgotten villains, and even offer glimpses into Goku’s life post-Cell Games. Like overgrown vines adorning a grand temple, filler added texture and depth to the world, even if it occasionally obscured the primary structure.

In essence, Dragon Ball Z filler’s proliferation is a double-edged sword. It might be frustrating for purists seeking pure canon content, but it unfolds as a treasure trove of unexpected adventures and character insights for those willing to explore side paths. Therefore, approach it like a bonus buffet. Relish the delectable offerings, leave the bland behind, and acknowledge that even detours can infuse spice into the journey.

Captain Ginyu
Captain Ginyu

Dragon Ball Super Filler: A Different Approach

In contrast to its Z predecessor, Dragon Ball Super took a refreshing approach to filler. Instead of trying to catch up with the manga, the anime ran alongside it, incorporating non-canon episodes sparingly. This strategy allowed these episodes to have breathing room, enhancing the overall viewing experience. These weren’t mere time-fillers; they took the form of playful tangents, presenting quirky adventures and opportunities for character development.

Picture a slice-of-life episode where Goku stumbles through farm chores or a lighthearted collaboration with Arale, the gag-tastic android from Dr. Slump. These detours weren’t crucial to the main storyline, but they brought welcomed humor and deepened our connection to the characters. Filler episodes even became a platform for experimentation, introducing intriguing concepts such as Monaka, the duplicating alien, and showcasing Goku’s granddaughter Pan’s early adventures.

This approach transformed filler from an intrusive element to a delightful bonus. It allowed viewers to take a breather between universe-shattering battles and immerse themselves in the everyday lives of these larger-than-life heroes. While purists may still prefer a strictly canon experience, Super’s measured embrace of filler offered a more diverse and engaging journey, proving that sometimes, even detours can lead to delightful discoveries.

Goku in Dragon Ball Z
Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Guide to Fun Filler Episodes

  1. Goku and Piccolo Learn to Drive (Dragon Ball Z, Episode 125). While not contributing to the main plot, this episode offers a hilarious insight into the Saiyan duo’s struggles with mundane Earth activities.
  2. Other World Tournament (Dragon Ball Z, Episodes 195-199). Though non-canonical, this filler arc provides entertaining battles and showcases characters from the afterlife.
  3. The Great Saiyaman Saga (Dragon Ball Z, Episodes 200-219). While part of the main storyline, this saga has a lighter tone and introduces the Great Saiyaman persona, adding a touch of humor to the series.

Skip-Worthy Filler

  1. Garlic Jr. Saga (Dragon Ball Z, Episodes 108-117). Considered one of the least popular filler arcs, it features Garlic Jr. seeking revenge and ultimately feels disconnected from the main narrative.
  2. Other World Babysitting (Dragon Ball Z, Episode 200): This one-off episode, while amusing, doesn’t significantly contribute to the overall plot.
Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes
Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes

Conclusion: Navigating the Filler Journey

Traversing the Dragon Ball Z filler landscape can be likened to navigating a dense jungle gym—an exhilarating but potentially intricate experience. Canon arcs, like the monumental Saiyan and Cell sagas, stand tall as unmistakable peaks, clearly delineating the primary path. However, in between, a network of filler episodes meanders, offering side quests, comedic diversions, and occasional dead ends.

For purists, the decision is straightforward: adhere to the main path, conquering those canon peaks methodically. Yet, for the more adventurous, the allure of the filler jungle is enticing. Here, you might chance upon the flamboyant Ginyu Force striking a pose, accompany Gohan in a whimsical tournament, or witness Goku’s comical attempts at farming. Although these detours may not propel the main story forward, they provide glimpses into character backgrounds, lighthearted humor, and a richer understanding of the world beyond Frieza and Cell.

The key to mastering this jungle gym is balance. Take your time, relish the epic Dragon Ball Z canon arcs, but don’t hesitate to swing onto a filler branch now and then. You may sacrifice some of the main story’s momentum, but in return, you’ll unearth hidden gems and unexpected laughter. Remember, it’s your journey, your choice of path. So, grab your Saiyan spirit, embrace the adventure, and explore the Dragon Ball Z filler jungle with a sense of discovery!

Cell in DBZ
Cell in DBZ


What are Dragon Ball Z filler episodes?Filler episodes are non-canon or supplementary episodes in an anime series that do not follow the original manga’s storyline. In Dragon Ball Z, these episodes often serve to extend the series or give the manga time to progress.
How can I identify filler episodes in Dragon Ball Z?Filler episodes can be identified by their divergence from the manga’s plot. If an episode contains content not present in the manga, it’s likely filler. Some common indicators include extended battles, side stories, or unrelated character development.
Why were filler episodes included in Dragon Ball Z?Filler episodes are often added to give the manga time to progress, preventing the anime from catching up to the source material. Additionally, they allow for more character development and exploration of side stories.
Do filler episodes contribute to the overall Dragon Ball Z storyline?Generally, filler episodes do not contribute to the main storyline since they are not part of the original manga. However, they may provide additional insights into characters or offer entertaining side stories.
Can I skip filler episodes in Dragon Ball Z without missing important plot points?Yes, you can skip filler episodes without losing track of the main storyline. While some filler episodes can be entertaining, they are not crucial to understanding the central narrative of Dragon Ball Z.
Are there any notable filler arcs in Dragon Ball Z?Yes, Dragon Ball Z has several notable filler arcs, such as the Garlic Jr. Saga and the Other World Tournament. These arcs feature unique storylines and characters not found in the original manga.
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