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Is Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Coming This Year?

By Baiting Irrelevance Jan21,2024
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Echoes of a Reawakening

A tranquil silence descends upon the cosmic battleground. The aftermath of the Tournament of Power sees a universe both fractured and resilient. Goku, the ever-undaunted warrior, flashed a triumphant grin. His eager eyes scan the horizon for the next formidable challenge. Amidst this cosmic quietude, the hearts of Dragon Ball Super enthusiasts worldwide resonate with a single question. Will there be a Dragon Ball Super Second Season?

For years, murmurs about the continuation of “Dragon Ball Super” have weaved through the air, sparking fan theories and speculations akin to the energy of a Super Saiyan’s ki. Is it merely wishful thinking driven by our collective yearning for epic battles and transformative feats? Or do these whispers carry weight, concealing a kernel of truth within the swirling rumors?

The truth, like a precisely aimed ki blast, remains elusive. Toei Animation, the creative force behind “Dragon Ball Super,” guards its secrets with unwavering silence. Yet, like the scattered Dragon Balls, subtle clues suggest the possibility of a Dragon Ball Super New Season. The manga, ever ahead of the anime, embarks on new sagas, introducing formidable adversaries and captivating storylines. Could these ventures soon grace our screens?

So, devoted Dragon Ball enthusiasts, lend me your attention as we unravel the enigma surrounding “Dragon Ball Super Season 2.” We shall navigate through speculation, scrutinize the evidence, and perhaps, glimpse into the future. Strap in, for this journey promises to be as exhilarating as a Kamehameha wave.

Dragon Ball Super New Season: Bulma
Dragon Ball Super New Season: Bulma

Is Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Happening?

As of today, the confirmation of “Dragon Ball Super Season 2” still eludes us officially. Despite years of swirling whispers and rumors, Toei Animation, the powerhouse behind the series, has refrained from delivering a formal announcement. This leaves fans in an enticing state of uncertainty. We crave a decisive answer while piecing together speculative narratives from intriguing hints. The ongoing “Dragon Ball Super” manga teases potential storylines, and the franchise’s enduring popularity hints at the possibility of a Dragon Ball Super new season. However, until Toei breaks the silence with an official declaration, the destiny of Goku and the Z-Fighters remains securely held within the Dragon Ball, poised for revelation whenever Toei deems the moment opportune.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Vegeta
Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Vegeta

What Could Dragon Ball Super New Season Be About?

Should Dragon Ball Super Season 2 emerge with the force of a Kamehameha wave, what lies ahead in this anticipated chapter? The manga provides an enticing preview of potential story arcs. An intriguing possibility involves Granolah, the last Cerealian, seeking vengeance against the Saiyans. This could compel Goku and Vegeta to confront their past and grapple with the dark deeds of their race. It offers a chance to delve deeper into Saiyan history and morality, providing a fresh perspective on familiar heroes.

On another front, the return of Frieza, now armed with a chilling new form and an even greater thirst for revenge, could spark a legendary rematch, shattering power levels and testing the resilience of the Z-Fighters. This wouldn’t be mere nostalgia; Frieza’s evolution might unveil unexpected power dynamics and alliances. It keeps both veterans and newcomers on the edge of their seats.

Additionally, the enigmatic Whis and the Angels may finally emerge from the shadows, unveiling their true purpose and potentially altering the fate of the multiverse. One certainty remains: if A Draon Ball Super new season materializes, it won’t merely focus on bigger explosions. Instead, expect a profound exploration of character motivations, complex moral dilemmas, and a universe teeming with fresh threats and concealed truths. Fans, brace yourselves, as Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has the potential to rewrite the rulebook of the Super Saiyan saga.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Goku
Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Goku

When could Dragon Ball Super Season 2happen?

Anticipating the advent of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 feels akin to attempting to determine the landing spot of a rogue Spirit Bomb. It is cloaked in uncertainty yet charged with explosive potential. While an official announcement remains as elusive as a Senzu Bean in the heat of battle, subtle hints scattered across the Dragon Ball universe provide glimpses into potential timelines. Most expect the Dragon Ball Super New Season to be towards the end of 2024 or early 2025.

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

The ongoing manga arc, currently immersed in the intense clash between Granolah and the Saiyans. It offers abundant source material for a potential Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Toei Animation might opt to wait for further manga developments before embarking on an adaptation. This will possibly delay the season’s debut to 2024 or even 2025.

The “Post-Movie Window For Dragon Ball Super Season 2”

Riding on the recent success of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in theaters, an announcement for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 might surface after the movie concludes its theatrical run. Following a strategy previously employed with the Broly movie preceding the “Super Hero” reveal, late 2024 or early 2025 could witness a potential announcement.

Dragon Ball Super New Season
Dragon Ball Super New Season

Anniversary Hype And Dragon Ball Super New Season

Celebrations within the Dragon Ball universe are renowned. What better way to commemorate the franchise’s 40th anniversary in 2024 than with a Dragon Ball Super New Season announcement? November 20th marks the series’ official birthday. It could serve as the ideal platform for Toei to unveil the news, sparking fan excitement and fueling speculation.

In the end, the arrival of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 remains a mystery. However, much like Goku charging up a Spirit Bomb, fans worldwide gather their ki, poised to erupt with joy when the official announcement finally bursts onto the scene. Until then, we can only persist in training, speculating, and holding onto the hope.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Android 17
Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Android 17

What Are The Fans Saying About Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Dragon Ball enthusiasts find themselves immersed in a fervent anticipation for Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Twitter is ablaze with the #DragonBallSuperSeason2 hashtag, transforming the platform into a virtual battleground of theories, fan art, and memes portraying Goku in the midst of a power-packed ascent to meet the soaring expectations. Some crave the frosty resurgence of Frieza, envisioning monumental clashes that defy power scales and reshape their childhood rivalries. Others perceive Granolah’s revenge saga as an opportunity to delve into the Saiyans’ shadowy history and grapple with moral complexities.

The unanimous desire? A hunger for more. Each clue, every rumor, is relished like a Senzu Bean, providing the sustenance needed for the potential announcement. Whether fueled by nostalgia for iconic villains or the thirst for novel adventures, the fanbase is akin to a vibrant energy ball, ready to unleash its excitement the moment the long-awaited news breaks. So, Toei Animation, pay heed – the resounding roar of anticipation echoes across the vast expanse of the Dragon Ball universe!

Dragon Ball Super New Season: Zeno
Dragon Ball Super New Season: Zeno


Although the fate of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 hangs in uncertainty. The ongoing popularity of the franchise and intriguing suggestions from the manga hint that Goku and the Z-Fighters may make a swift return to our screens. In the interim, fans can maintain their optimism and relish the diverse offerings of the Dragon Ball universe in its various manifestations.


Q1: What is “Dragon Ball Super”?A: “Dragon Ball Super” is a Japanese anime television series and manga continuation of the original “Dragon Ball” series created by Akira Toriyama. It follows the adventures of Goku and his friends as they face powerful foes and explore new realms.
Q2: How many seasons are there in “Dragon Ball Super”?A: “Dragon Ball Super” has one main anime series consisting of 131 episodes. There is also ongoing manga with additional story arcs.
Q3: Are there plans for more episodes or a new season of “Dragon Ball Super”?A: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there hasn’t been an official announcement about new episodes or a new season. Fans are eagerly awaiting news, and it’s advisable to check official sources for updates.
Q4: Can I watch “Dragon Ball Super” on streaming platforms?A: Yes, “Dragon Ball Super” is available on various streaming platforms. Check popular services to see if it is offered in your region.
Q5: Is there a sequel or continuation after “Dragon Ball Super”?A: While “Dragon Ball Super” is the latest anime series in the franchise, there are movies such as “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” and ongoing manga that continues the story.
Q6: How does “Dragon Ball Super” connect to the original “Dragon Ball” series?A: “Dragon Ball Super” takes place after the events of “Dragon Ball Z” and is a sequel to the original series. It explores new adventures, introduces new characters, and expands the Dragon Ball universe.
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Table Of Information

TitleDragon Ball Super
TypeAnime (TV series) and Manga
Episodes131 (Anime)
MangaOngoing with additional story arcs
Premiere DateJuly 5, 2015 (Anime)
StorylineSequel to “Dragon Ball Z,” explores new adventures, introduces new characters, and expands the Dragon Ball universe
Main ArcsBattle of Gods, Resurrection ‘F’, Universe 6, Future Trunks, Universe Survival, and more
English DubAvailable
StreamingAvailable on various streaming platforms
Sequel/ContinuationMovies like “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” and ongoing manga continue the story
Future Episodes/SeasonsAs of the last update in January 2022, no official announcement for new episodes or seasons. Check official sources for updates.
Official UpdatesCheck the official Dragon Ball website, social media accounts, and reputable entertainment news sources for news and announcements related to “Dragon Ball Super.”
Dragon Ball Super

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