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Why Dragon Ball Filler (1984-1995) Is The Best

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dragon ball fillerdragon ball filler

Let’s be honest; “Dragon Ball filler” often receives a negative reputation in the anime realm. It’s commonly viewed as a necessary inconvenience, a means to prolong the narrative while waiting for the manga to progress. However, when it comes to the original Dragon Ball (1984-1995), these deviations from the primary storyline offer a distinctive and frequently enjoyable experience.

While the essence of Dragon Ball centers on Goku’s pursuit of the Dragon Balls and intense battles, the filler episodes explore unforeseen realms. They present the series’ humor, emotion, and world-building in ways the manga couldn’t achieve. These are escapades that might not seamlessly integrate into the central narrative, yet they contribute depth and character to the beloved Dragon Ball universe we’ve come to cherish.

Goku In Dragon Ball Filler Episodes
Goku In Dragon Ball Filler Episodes
Episode RangeArc TitleDescription
30-33Goku’s RivalGoku befriends a mischievous monkey tribe, and they teach him valuable teamwork lessons.
42-44Bulma’s Big TransformationThese episodes feature Bulma’s attempts to become more attractive.
45-47Pilaf and the Mystery ForcePilaf attempts to use a robot duplicate of Bulma to infiltrate the group.
79-83The Fortuneteller Baba SagaGoku searches for the last Dragon Ball at Baba’s Palace and engages in various comedic battles.
127-132The Great Dragon Ball AdventureGoku participates in a race to recover the Dragon Balls.
149-153The Super Gero and Android 8 SagaThis arc introduces future androids Super Gero and Android 8, who are mistakenly seen as villains.
Dragon Ball Filler Episodes

A Kaleidoscope of Quirky Adventures

Goku’s Goofy Sidekicks

Goku’s escapades take on a whole new dimension thanks to his unconventional companions. Whether it’s the playful monkey tribe pilfering his attire in the “Goku’s Rival” arc. Or the equally mischievous cat, Korin, guiding him through training beneath the Waterfall of Youth, these whimsical sidekicks inject a delightful blend of humor and warmth into the original Dragon Ball series. These episodes illuminate Goku’s carefree spirit and versatility. They underscored that he’s not solely a brawny Saiyan but a curious and adventurous young lad. Whether he’s frolicking with the monkeys or imbibing life lessons from Korin, Goku’s interactions with these quirky sidekicks contribute an incomparable charm to the Dragon Ball universe.

Beyond merely providing comic relief, Goku’s sidekicks also play pivotal roles in his personal growth. The monkey tribe imparts lessons on teamwork and resourcefulness, while Korin imparts valuable wisdom on patience and discipline. These encounters mold Goku into the heroic figure he ultimately becomes. Such transformative experiences wouldn’t be possible without his endearing and eccentric companions. The next time you delve into the Dragon Ball series, take a moment to appreciate Goku’s whimsical sidekicks. They transcend mere comedic interludes, serving as an integral component that makes the original Dragon Ball series truly extraordinary.

Corin In Dragon Ball
Corin In Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Filler Arc: Red Ribbon Reimagined

While the Red Ribbon Army is frequently portrayed as a one-dimensional, villainous organization in the main storyline, the filler episodes within the original Dragon Ball (1984-1995) unveil a surprisingly human side to them. Beyond the stumbling soldiers and General Blue’s frosty demeanor, we encounter low-ranking grunts yearning for recognition. Colonel Silver grapples with the burdens of leadership, and even General Staff Officer Black secretly indulges in poetry.

These moments of humanity inject depth and humor into the Red Ribbon Army, elevating them beyond mere cardboard-cutout villains. The filler episodes not only develop the villains’ characters but also provide opportunities for Goku and his friends to display resourcefulness and compassion. Witness them outsmarting Red Ribbon scientists, negotiating with disgruntled soldiers, and even extending unexpected moments of empathy to their adversaries. This adds a layer of complexity to the conflict. It further emphasizes that even in the face of evil, there’s always room for understanding and the occasional chuckle.

Therefore, don’t hastily dismiss the Red Ribbon Army filler as mere time-wasters. They offer a distinctive perspective on the villains. In addition, it infuses humor, pathos, and a deeper comprehension of the moral landscape in the Dragon Ball universe. Remember, sometimes the most unexpected detours lead to the most enriching and entertaining moments in a story.

Red Ribbon Army In Dragon Ball Filler
Red Ribbon Army In Dragon Ball Filler

Character Spotlight

Within the vibrant tapestry of the original Dragon Ball’s filler episodes (1984-1995), the focus occasionally shifts away from Goku. As a result, it sheds light on the depths and peculiarities of his supporting cast. These deviations provide precious moments to appreciate characters who might otherwise remain one-dimensional, offering glimpses into their hidden talents, insecurities, and even surprising backstories.

Bulma the Brilliant Dragon Ball Filler Arc

Envision Bulma not amidst the chaos of battle but in her element. She is immersed in tinkering with gadgets, conceiving ingenious inventions, and adeptly piloting spaceships! Filler episodes unveil her scientific genius. In addition, they portray her as a trailblazer, paving the way for technological advancements in the Dragon Ball universe. Witness her crafting gadgets to outsmart opponents. Develop communication devices spanning intergalactic distances. Construct her spaceship and prove she’s more than just a pretty face with a fiery temper.


Krillin’s Inner Strength

Beneath Krillin’s comedic facade lies a reservoir of determination and resilience. Filler episodes delve into his insecurities, particularly his anxieties about lagging behind Goku. Experience his arduous training regimes, moments of self-doubt, and ultimately, his triumphant victories over seemingly insurmountable challenges. These detours emphasize that Krillin’s journey is as valid as Goku’s. They are a testament to the power of hard work and unwavering friendship.

Krillin In DBZ
Krillin In DBZ

Tien and Chiaotzu’s Past

Beyond their stoic exteriors and synchronized attacks, Tien and Chiaotzu boast an unexpectedly mischievous past. Filler episodes transport us back to their days as Crane School pupils. Here they wreaked havoc with telekinetic pranks and mischievous schemes. Witnessing them as playful tricksters adds an element of unexpected charm to their often serious personas. It reminds us that even the most disciplined warriors possess a youthful side waiting to be unleashed.

The next time you encounter a filler episode in Dragon Ball, resist the urge to hastily dismiss it. These detours might just hold the key to unlocking the hidden depths of your favorite characters. They reveal talents, vulnerabilities, and backstories that enrich the tapestry of the Dragon Ball universe in unexpected and delightful ways. Remember, sometimes the most captivating stories unfold not just in the main quest but in the fascinating corners explored along the way.


Beyond Dragon Ball Filler To Earth and Namek

The filler episodes of Dragon Ball are akin to a whimsical spaceship. It soared beyond the familiar realms of Earth and Namek to explore the quirky corners of the Dragon Ball universe. Strap in, because we’re leaving the dragon balls behind and venturing into:

A Land Ruled by a Talking Dog

Ever pondered what a realm governed by a talking, karate-chopping dog would entail? Thanks to filler episodes, we don’t need to wonder! Meet King Chapa, a sagacious yet whimsical canine monarch overseeing a land populated by anthropomorphic animals and peculiar traditions. Goku’s quest for King Chapa’s mystical bone flute leads him on a side-splitting journey through this eccentric kingdom. It underscores the Dragon Ball universe’s penchant for unexpected surprises.

Dragon Ball Filler: Talking Dog
Dragon Ball Filler: Talking Dog

Prehistoric Earth with Dinosaurs

Take a leap back in time to a prehistoric Earth teeming with dinosaurs. Here Goku befriends a caveman, faces off against a T-Rex, and even masters the art of riding a giant Pteranodon. These episodes serve as a nostalgic journey. They present a raw and untamed version of the Earth we know, brimming with thrilling dinosaur encounters and slapstick humor. While the main storyline may anchor Goku to Earth, the filler episodes serve as a passport to the most offbeat corners of the Dragon Ball universe.

From bureaucratic escapades in the Otherworld to dino-filled exploits in prehistoric Earth, these diversions offer a refreshing change of pace. They remind us that the world of Dragon Ball is an expansive playground of imagination and laughter. Just remember to keep your sense of humor close and brace yourself for the unexpected. You never know what wonders await beyond the familiar spheres of Dragon Ball!

Earth with Dinosaurs
Earth with Dinosaurs

A Treasure Trove for Dragon Ball Fans

While a few filler episodes may come across as repetitive or lackluster, they provide a peek into the creative minds steering the anime. These episodes showcase the humor and charm that characterize the early days of Dragon Ball. It serves as a delightful reminder of why we initially fell in love with the series. Therefore, the next time you embark on a Dragon Ball marathon, resist the temptation to skip the so-called “Dragon Ball filler” episodes.

Within them, you might stumble upon a hidden gem. A moment that sparks a hearty chuckle, or a deeper insight into the beloved characters and the enchanting world they inhabit. Keep in mind that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures unfold along the less-trodden paths, even in the realm of dragon-powered wishes. So, grab your Dragon Ball DVDs, settle in with some snacks, and get ready to explore the often-overlooked treasures tucked within the original Dragon Ball’s filler episodes. You might just uncover surprises that leave you pleasantly astonished!



What are Dragon Ball filler episodes?Filler episodes are those that deviate from the original manga storyline, introducing non-canon content. In the context of Dragon Ball (1984-1995), these episodes were created to allow the manga to progress ahead of the anime adaptation.
Why were filler episodes introduced in Dragon Ball?Filler episodes were used to give the manga creator, Akira Toriyama, more time to develop the main storyline. This allowed the anime adaptation to maintain a consistent release schedule without catching up to the manga.
Are filler episodes in Dragon Ball worth watching?While filler episodes may not directly contribute to the main plot, they offer unique perspectives, character development, and humorous moments. Fans often appreciate the additional content for its entertainment value.
Which arcs in Dragon Ball (1984-1995) contain filler episodes?Some well-known filler arcs include “The Fortuneteller Baba Saga,” “The Great Dragon Ball Adventure,” and “The Super Gero and Android 8 Saga.” These arcs showcase adventures that are not present in the original manga.
Can I skip filler episodes in Dragon Ball?Skipping filler episodes is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer to stick to the main storyline, you can skip fillers without losing the core narrative. However, some fans find value in the additional content and character interactions found in filler episodes.
Do filler episodes impact the overall Dragon Ball experience?Filler episodes contribute to the overall experience by providing a deeper understanding of characters, introducing unique challenges, and exploring aspects of the Dragon Ball universe not covered in the manga.
Frequently Asked Questions

Table Of Information

Release Years1984-1995
Original Manga AuthorAkira Toriyama
Anime AdaptationDragon Ball (1984-1995)
Story ArcsOriginal Dragon Ball series comprising various arcs such as the Emperor Pilaf Saga, Tournament Saga, Red Ribbon Army Saga, King Piccolo Saga, and more.
Main ProtagonistSon Goku
GenreAction, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy
Significant IntroductionsIntroduction of iconic characters like Bulma, Master Roshi, Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta.
Key Plot PointsGoku’s quest for the Dragon Balls, battles against powerful foes, participation in martial arts tournaments, and the exploration of various fantastical worlds.
Cultural ImpactDragon Ball (1984-1995) significantly contributed to the popularity of anime worldwide and has remained a cultural phenomenon.
LegacyThe original Dragon Ball series laid the foundation for its sequel, Dragon Ball Z, and the entire Dragon Ball franchise.
Filler EpisodesInclusion of filler episodes to allow the manga to progress, offering unique side stories and character developments.
Animation StudioToei Animation
Original SoundtrackComposed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, featuring memorable tracks that became synonymous with the series.
Critical AcclaimPraised for its engaging storytelling, character dynamics, and influence on the shonen anime genre.
MerchandisingSpawned a vast array of merchandise, including action figures, video games, clothing, and collectibles.
Global FanbaseDeveloped a dedicated fanbase worldwide, contributing to the longevity and enduring popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise.
Dragon Ball (1984-1995)

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