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This Is The New Witcher

By Baiting Irrelevance Apr8,2023
The new witcherThe new witcher

Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher series indeed came as a surprise to many. Cavill will say goodbye to the Netflix series in the third season. With his exit confirmed, many fans are still wondering one thing. How will the former Man of Steel star be written off the show? Now, granted, there are many other unanswered questions as well. For some of these, we might never get the answers. The Witcher series itself has also been a controversial topic. While the show certainly has its fanbase, only some are enthusiastic.

While the series has a respectable viewer score of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes, it does not come without its harsh critics. Over the last couple of years, two significant points of contention have popped up. Firstly, showrunners do not respect the original work. While some have rebelled against this notion, most are unhappy with the series’ direction. Others do not like that Gerald is not the main focus of The Witcher story. For a series as big as this, it is only natural that there will be subplots. These subplots take away from the main Witcher story. Regardless, the big question remains. How will Henry Cavill be written off the show?

Will Henry Cavill Get A Good Witcher Ending?

Writing Henry Cavill’s witcher off from the series certainly comes with challenges. There is no doubt that his exit from the show will have a drastic impact on the series moving forward. This means showrunners must properly navigate this plot point or risk alienating fans further. Many are already protesting the exit of Cavill. A change petition was done where some called for Cavill to stay on and, instead, for the writers to be fired. This petition garnered so much attention that it was signed by over a million people.

Over the last few months, many theories have been about why he left the show. One theory speculated that the show would receive a soft reboot. Some speculated that time travelers would erase the Cavill timeline and leave us with Hemsworth instead. Others speculated that they would not address the change at all. Hemsworth will suit up as the witcher, and no one will address the actors’ change.

However, we now know that not to be the case. A recent report has revealed that Cavill will be renouncing his Witcher status instead. However, Cavill abandoning his Witcher status still needs to explain how Hemsworth will be written into the show. The only way it will work is if there are multiple timelines. This will likely involve Ciri traveling to another timeline to find more Witchers. Through doing this, she discovers that there is more than one Gerald. Maybe she brings one of the Geralds back to her timeline. There is a bunch of different ways that they can do this. Hopefully, the writers do it in a manner that can carry the story forward.

Why Some Think Henry Cavill’s Witcher Exit Is Good

As stated, the exit of Henry Cavill from The Witcher series has been quite controversial. However, some think that this is okay. Blood Origin actress Minnie Driver recently weight in on the conversation with an interesting take. Don’t get me wrong; it is a horrible idea, but still interesting. She suggested that Cavill’s exit is a good thing. She stated that she believes we should have multiple actors play the lead character.

Instead of just having one actor playing Gerald, we should have multiple actors play him throughout the series. She suggested that the Doctor Who model be followed. As much as I respect different opinions, I do not need to explain to people why this will not work. The Witcher is a fantasy-based story, and Gerald is one of the leads. To tell his story, you need to have continuity. I do not want to be utterly dismissive in the spirit of fairness. We have different actors playing the same character all the time, and every few years, they cast a new Superman or Spiderman.

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

There does not have to be one Witcher actor forever. However, the recastings of these actors usually follow a soft or hard reboot. Pulling a Doctor Who and having a new actor continue the same story is not the best. Fantasy is a unique and particular genre. With the current series, we already need to accept that multiple Geralds exist. Having a whole gaggle of different Witchers running around can create issues. Multiverse theory might work well for a superhero movie, but there are better options for this specific fantasy-based story.

Why Did Henry Cavill Leave the Witcher

It should be pointed out that all of these fan theories about new Witchers would not have happened if Henry Cavill had not decided to leave the series. With his departure, the main question remains. Why did Cavill quit the show? Unfortunately, we might never get the answer to that question. That, however, has not stopped fans from speculating. At first, many thought he left the show to explore a more significant opportunity. As most know, Cavill used to be the Man of Steel. After his brief appearance in Black Adam, many hoped this would be the start of something new.

Sadly, we all know how that turned out. Since then, rumors have just been more rampant. It has been speculated that things behind the scenes could have been better. Some insiders have revealed some infighting between Cavill and the show writers. The Witcher star had a clear vision for his character and wanted to stay as close to the source material as possible. The writers, however, disagreed. They were deviating more and more every day.

Why Did Henry Cavill Leave the Witcher
Why Did Henry Cavill Leave the Witcher

It is common for actors to put their foot down regarding their vision for their characters. It happens all the time. Wednesday star Jenna Ortega recently revealed how she clashed with show writers about the vision for her character. Henry Cavill had similar fights all the time. Sadly for him, only some showrunners are open to ideas and input. This led to arguments that eventually saw Cavill depart to focus on other projects.

What To Expect From Liam Hemsworth As The Witcher

With Liam Hemsworth taking over from Henry Cavill as the Witcher, Some fans are understandably nervous. The shoes he will have to fill are significant. Henry Cavill was already a massive movie star before The Witcher. Casting a pre-existing beloved character can go one of two ways. Either the actor makes the series, or the series makes the actor. Showrunners can either decide to hire an already famous person to star as their leading person. This is done to get more buzz around the show. In this case, the actor will make the show. Other times, you bank on a completely unknown person.

Should this unknown person do a good job, it will take their career to the next level. There can be no denying that Henry Cavill’s name pushed The Witcher series forward. For Liam Hemsworth, it is quite different. I mean this with no disrespect, but he is more famous for being Chris Hemsworth’s brother and Miley Cyrus Ex husband than he is known for any movie or series. This is the biggest show he has ever been part of. It can also take his career to the next level. This means that pressure will be on him like never before.

Henry Cavill as the Witcher
Henry Cavill as the Witcher

Liam Hemsworth was more than just a random pick to replace Henry Cavill. He was a massive front-runner during auditions. He was all set to take part but then lost out when Henry Cavill clarified that he was interested. This should give fans a bit of comfort. For Hemsworth, his performance will not be a deciding factor in the show’s success, and the writing will be.

Is The Witcher Following The Source Material?

There is a lot of debate around the lore of the Witcher story. Some argue that The Witcher series does not follow the original creator’s work. Others say showrunners follow it closely, with only minor changes. Although The Witcher series has always had its fair share of popularity, there can be no denying that CD Projekt Red took it to new heights. Many of the fan bases only know the show because of the games. Thus, it is understandable that many would expect the new series to be similar to the games.

The Witcher video games tell a linear story through the eyes of mostly just Gerald and a bit of Ciri. They also need to follow the lore more strictly. Thus, when the series on Netflix was released, many expected a story that followed only Gerald and Ciri. One of the biggest criticisms I saw online was from fans who did not like the subplot stories that took away from the main Witcher plot point. Honestly, this is where I felt the show suffered the most. The showrunners are trying to build a universe that extends far beyond just Gerald.

Blood Origin
Blood Origin

The first evidence of this was blood origin. It failed miserably. However, based on my limited understanding of the books, they do follow the lore for the most part. At the very least, they follow it much closer than video games. However, their timeline could be better. While the first season was all over the place, the second season was more in line with the lore.

Is This The New James Bond

After his Witcher exit, many now wonder what will be next for Henry Cavill. The last six months have been rough for the actor. Not only did he leave The Witcher, he was also not recast in James Gunn’s DC as Superman. However, Cavill is a big star, and another will pop up when one opportunity goes away. Over the last couple of months, Cavill has been associated with many projects. One project he has been very closely associated with is James Bond.

If reports are accurate, Cavill is the front-runner for the part and is very close to signing the deal. Cavill has been up for the part before. In 2006, he auditioned for the role but was ultimately dismissed due to his weight. Instead, the part went to Daniel Craig. Eventually, the rejection ended up being great for Cavill’s career. In addition to this, Cavill is also busy with another big project. In the past, he has been very open about his love for games. One particular game he has always spoken about is Warhammer. He can bring the video game world to life along with Amazon.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Many speculate that his frustration with The Witcher led him to this moment. He got frustrated with Showrunners at Netflix for not respecting the lore, so he decided to make his show where they would be more respectful of the source material. However, this is still an Amazon series, and they could have a better reputation for staying true to the original work. Hopefully, this series will turn out better than Rings of Power.

Is This The New Aegon Targaryen?

The movie roles for Henry Cavill are certainly starting to roll in. He is busy with Warhammer and is the front-runner to take over as the new James Bond, and he might soon be joining the Game of Thrones universe. At least, that is what fans want. HBO Max is heavily expanding its content, and Game of Thrones is one IP they are banking on right now. After the success of House of The Dragon, they are looking to expand even more.

Right now, HBO is actively busy developing another Prequel. This story will focus on Aegon Targaryen and how his family became powerful. This is undoubtedly a story that many fans are interested in. Right now, the front-runner to play Aegon is Henry Cavill. Now, this is nothing more than speculation right now. The show is still in very early development. There is also no evidence that Cavill made himself available for the role. However, he would be a great choice if the part becomes available.

This prequel, however, will not come in the form of another series. Instead, this will be the first ever movie within the Game of Thrones series. One thing that we do know is that HBO has canceled a bunch of shows previously. Rumors have it that quite a few Game of Thrones spinoffs made the chopping block. However, should this movie be made, it will be interesting to see who they will cast. Henry Cavill will be a great pick; he has the experience and will be a great addition to the story.


Overall, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Right now, The Witcher is in a highly complex position. Even while Henry Cavill was in the series, fans were not too kind. Most held out and continued to watch because they were fans of Cavill. With him now out, it will be interesting to see if viewers return. Furthermore, Liam Hemsworth is finding himself in a difficult position as well. Although he did nothing wrong, fans will still give him a hard time.

As for Cavill, things certainly look bright. Although he did not have the best few months, things will turn around. As disappointed as he was to lose out on the Superman role, he will undoubtedly return to bigger and better roles. It will be massive for his career if he lands the James Bond part. His upcoming Warhammer series is of equal importance. I speak under correction here, but this is the first time he will be responsible for creating a series. Warhammer has a long and rich history with a dedicated fanbase.

Bringing this series to life will be no tiny feet. Henry Cavill has built an excellent reputation over the years, and pressure will now be higher than ever for him to deliver a great series that stays true to the original work.

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