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With Henry Cavill “Fired”, More Detail Emerges About The New James Gunn Superman Movie

With Henry Cavill "Fired", More Detail Emerges About The New James Gunn Superman Movie
With Henry Cavill "Fired", More Detail Emerges About The New James Gunn Superman Movie

The departure of Henry Cavill as the Man Of Steel within the DC Cinematic Universe has been the topic of discussion ever since it was revealed that James Gunn would be taking over creative control over this long-standing DC Universe. This topic has been discussed endlessly and will continue to be addressed as we prepare for the new James Gunn Superman Movie.

Once the new Man of Steel has been cast, the comparisons will begin, and thus, the endless debate will continue. People are upset with the change, and most are not remotely over it.

As we move closer to the 2025 release of Superman Legacy, debate and rumors have been all over the place. People have been speculating about the actor that will be replacing Cavill. Fans have been wondering what we can expect from this new movie. Many are curious about the age of the new Clark Kent, and most importantly, many have just been wondering why.

With Henry Cavill "Fired", More Detail Emerges About The New James Gunn Superman Movie
Henry Cavill As Superman From The Man Of Steel Trailer

The Under-Appreciated Superman

To the Credit of Gunn, he has been doing a relatively good job interacting with fans on social media, even responding to some rumors. Over the last couple of months, talks about the DCU have been rampant. Having someone with actual knowledge respond is a breath of fresh air.

One of the most significant points of contention within the DCU has been the treatment of Henry Cavill. Many Feel like the former Man of Steel actor has been misused. Although I agree with this sentiment, the blame cannot be placed on James Gunn.

With that said, Gunn has recently revealed a little more detail regarding what ultimately led to the departure of Cavill as Superman. This revelation does play into the speculation that fans had all along. Many felt like Warner Bros were disrespecting Henry Cavill. More importantly, toward the end, he was just being jerked around.

James Gunn Confirms What We Know

Gunn recently took to Twitter and stated that he was being approached to write a brand new Superman movie before he was ever appointed as the new CEO. On Twitter, he said that he started with Superman Legacy under the direction of WB six months before his appointment.

If this sounds like insanity to you, you might not be far off. Henry Cavill was making a Cameo appearance in Black Adam during this time. After his cameo, he also took to social media to announce that he is officially back as The Man Of Steel. This was done under the direction of Warner Bros, who told him to make the announcement. The day after the announcement, Gunn was asked to start with Superman Legacy.

During this time, the Joker director, Todd Phillips, was the front-runner to take over at DC. After he declined, WB decided to go with Gunn. Why they would ask Cavill to announce his return and then appoint Gunn to write a new Superman is beyond me. Remember, they asked James Gunn to write a new Superman before he was appointed CEO.

At this stage, there were only plans to bring him in as a producer and director for the new Man of Steel. Gunn stated that it was clear from the start that Cavill would not fit into the Superman Legacy rewrite. This means that the studio was telling Cavill one thing while working behind the scenes on something else. I have covered this topic in the past, but it is evident that some within the studio never really liked Cavill. We can speculate about the reason, but the result speaks for itself.

A Failure In Leadership

I do not believe that there is any deep conspiracy. It is likely a difference of opinion between executives regarding who should wear the red cape. To the credit of James Gunn, He has spoken out about this issue. He stated in a previous interview, “I like Henry; I think he’s a great guy,” he continued. “I think he’s getting dicked around by many people, including the former regime at this company.

This assessment is spot on. Under the previous leadership, Superman has always been a by-product. Although the first Man of Steel movie was released with much success, the response from executives could have been better. Instead, they chose to double down on Batman and, with that, also scrapped plans for a follow-up to the first Man of Steel. What we got in its stead was a Batman versus Superman movie that no one asked for. Although I immensely enjoyed this film, it sometimes felt like Superman was competing for screen time.

By killing off Superman, Bruce Wayne was now the leading man for the first few acts of the Justice League. He was the recruiter and founder of the group and, with that, also became the leader. At its core, this is not an inherent problem, but when it happens at the expense of Superman, it is understandable why some might have a hard time accepting it.

The New James Gunn Superman Movie

I have always favored Batman over Superman, so it was not a big issue for me. With that said, I also favor Henry Cavill, so seeing all of this happen leaves me with a fair bit of resentment toward previous leadership.

Ultimately, the decision has been made. Thus, we will now have to accept it. As we look forward to what is next, many questions about this reboot still need to be clarified. Although we still do not know who will be cast in the newly vacant role, we have some clarity regarding what the part will entail.

Since Gunn Has Made it clear that Cavill was not suitable for this part, the logical conclusion would be that they are looking for a younger Man of Steel. The new plan for the DCU is to create a universe that can spread over ten years. This means that the cast must be a mainstay for that duration. A now 40-year-old Henry Cavill Will be well in his fifties when this current DC universe concludes. Gunn wants ten years from the start of the first New Superman Legacy movie in 2025, and thus, most agree that a Superman in his middle twenties would be ideal.

The Next Dark Knight

The casting of Batman will be a bit more complicated, though. The next Batman will see Robin’s return. In this version, Bruce will be Robin’s father, and thus, we can assume that the actor playing the part will at least be in his late thirties, if not middle forties. In the new DCU, Robin will have a much more significant role to play within this new DCU.

Previously, it was reported that some executives were keen on keeping Ben Affleck in the role. It is confirmed by Gunn, though, that a new actor will be taking on the part. This will, however, not stop the Robert Pattinson version from continuing. The following Flash Movie, set to release later this year, will be the reset for the whole universe.

Ultimately, only time will tell how the new James Gunn Superman Movie will play out. One thing is sure, though, and that is the fact that there are plenty of exciting things ahead for fans.

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