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James Gunn Responds To Batman Rumours

James Gunn responds to batman rumours
James Gunn responds to batman rumours

The transitional period of DC over the last couple of months has been interesting to watch. As James Gunn responds to Batman Rumours, many superhero fans are still trying to accept all the changes. The Snyderverse might have had its problems and critics, but it also had some influential supporters.

Not every movie within the Zack Snyder Universe was a hit with fans. Some casting choices, though, certainly had everyone excited. One name stands tall above them all, and that is obviously Henry Cavill. Many considered Cavill to be widely underutilized within the old DCU. With that, most fans saw James Gunn as the universe’s savior. Most hoped he would use Cavill more and give us the experienced Superman many hoped for.

James Gunn decided to take a widely different approach. Instead of bringing the old cast back, they rebooted the whole universe. There is still speculation that some of the old models will return, though the role of Superman will soon belong to someone else.

Ben Affleck Batman
Ben Affleck Batman

The Affleck Batman Choice

This is not the only recasting within the new DCU under James Gunn. As we prepare for the latest Flash movie, we also prepare to say goodbye to the current Batman. Ben Affleck has been wearing the cape since 2016, and although he never got the opportunity to star in his solo movie, he did many great things with the character. To say that the casting of Affleck was controversial would be a massive understatement.

Although one good movie can shoot an actor’s career into stardom, one bad movie can ruin your reputation forever. Many still remember the abomination that was Daredevil. With the aftermath of that 2003 stinker, not too many were excited by the prospect of a Ben Affleck-led Dark Knight. Luckily, it all worked out, and now he is one of the most beloved Batman ever.

It is, however, time to say goodbye to him as Gunn prepares for yet another take on the Cape crusader. However, your confusion will be excused if you think that Affleck was already replaced a few years ago by Robert Pattinson.

The Batman Rumour Roundup

Pattinson is one of two Batmans who have found a home within the DCU over the past few years. Existing outside the main story as a standard will allow Gunn to cast another Bruce Wayne. This Bruce will overlap with the other DC heroes and eventually assemble as the Justice League. The catalyst for these changes will be the movie Flash. Ezra Miller’s title character is expected to reset the Universe, replacing the old cast and bringing in a new one.

Over the last few weeks, there has been speculation over who the new Batman actor will be. Rumors regarding the recasting have been everywhere, with guesses ranging from fascinating to downright crazy.

With Michael Keaton returning to the iconic role in the Flash movie, many took the opportunity to speculate that another old actor could return to take up the mantle. The prominent rumor on Twitter seems to be that Geoge Clooney will return to reprise his 1997 Batman and Robin role. This speculation stems from Gunn recently announcing that a Batman and Robin story is under development.

James Gunn Responds To Batman Rumours

This rumor was quickly dismissed, though, as Gunn denied the fan casting of an old actor as absolutely not true. Others also speculated that if Clooney did not return, another previous Batman would return. Gunn also responded that the next casting choice would be reserved for a new actor.

Considering that the next Dark Knight movie will focus on Bruce Wayne and his child, it is likely that the actor being cast will be middle-aged. While Gunn has set his sights on a much younger Superman, Batman will be far more mature. This also left the door open for Affleck to keep his cape, but we now know that is not the case.

Although the new DC slate has been announced, many questions remain to be answered. Many still do not know what to expect from this rebooted Monsters and Gods phase 1. Now that we know which movies to expect, most have moved on to the following form of speculation: casting.

Superhero fans are incredibly decided, but with that also an unforgiving nature for anyone they feel might be misplaced within the role. The next set of actors will have massive boots to fill, and they look to rebuild the DC Universe.

Gunn: The Right Choice For DC

James Gunn is an experienced Director with many great movies next to his name. He is, however, finding himself in a much more significant role. As the CEO of DC, he is expected to recreate the magic that Marvel brought to studios over ten years ago. Although many feel he might not be the best choice for the job, those within the industry feel otherwise.

The Marvel boss recently spoke about casting Gunn as the man in charge at DC. In his response, he had nothing but praise for the soon-to-be former Marvel Director. In a recent interview, Marvel Boss Kevin Feige was asked about the choice to hire Gunn as DC CEO and stated that he “cannot wait to see it.”

He said, “It was not dissimilar to when we talked about him doing ‘The Suicide Squad.’ I said, ‘That’s awesome, and I can’t wait to see it.’ I’ve never been shy about loving those characters. I had Superman posters all over the walls in my childhood bedroom, and I went to work for the Donners, Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler Donner, because of ‘Superman.”

Feige further praised Gunn by stating, “The notion of those characters being in such good hands with James is exciting, and it’s very cool — after he finishes ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ of course.”


Overall, the next few years are going to be very interesting to watch. The James Gunn response to Batman rumors segments on Twitter has become many fans’ favorite pastime. Ultimately, though, only time will tell how all of this plays out. This brand new Universe under James Gunn is only beginning to take shape. Only time will honestly tell how all of this will play out. Warner Bros right now seems to be throwing their full support behind Gunn. As long as that continues, I see a bright future for the DCU. As excitement for the Marvel Universe starts to fade, fans are looking towards a new beginning. Hopefully, James Gunn can deliver on that.

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