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All New Superman Legacy Detail

All new superman legacy detail
All new superman legacy detail

The Superman Legacy movie will be released on 11 July 2025. Recently, news from James Gunn himself that the movie was officially in pre-production. The script for the film is done, and the producers are ready to hit the ground running. There is still plenty we still need to learn about this movie. However, as the days tick by, more and more information is starting to come to the forefront. As most know, Superman Legacy will kick off the brand-new Gods and Monsters DC Slate. Under this brand-new slate, we can expect at least ten projects.

When James Gunn became CEO, he clarified that DC had no structured storyline. Something that he will change. Over at Marvel, they tell a very structured story across TV and movies. Right now, Marvel is setting things up for an all-new Avengers movie. The main villain of this movie is Kang the Conqueror.

We were first introduced to Kang, not in a movie but in a Disney Plus series. He made his debut in Loki and, from there, transitioned over to Ant-Man. The point is, if you are a Marvel fan, every series and movie is a must-see. If you miss one, you might miss part of the story. DC will follow that same model. You can expect actors to appear in many series and movies.

James Gunn Gives New Superman Legacy Detail

When it comes to Superman Legacy, the tone of the movie has been a big point of discussion. Many fans are still determining what they need to expect. Superman, in recent years, has always had a darker undertone. This dark undertone is especially true for the 2013 Man of Steel movie. On the other hand, James Gunn is not known for his dark-style films, and he loves to do the complete opposite. He is a big fan of movies with a light comedic tone.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Peace Maker, and Suicide Squad share this comedic undertone. With this in mind, many fans have wondered what direction Superman Legacy will lean in. In a new interview with Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn responded to all those concerns. He clearly stated that Superman Legacy would not be a comedy movie, and he describes the film as much darker than any of his other projects. Doing a Superman movie is exceptionally challenging, and this will be the first time Gunn takes a mainstream superhero and makes a movie.

All of his previous projects involved lesser-known characters. Superman is arguably the biggest and most well-known Superhero. Doing his story, Justice will take work. Additionally, no one wants to see another origin story. Gunn made it clear that he had no intention of retelling the story. Superman Legacy will follow a similar model to Robert Patterson’s The Batman. That movie did an excellent job of telling a new account without repeating the original. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man did an equally good job with this.

The Hunt For The New Superman

When it comes to who the next Superman will be, that still needs to be determined. From the beginning, James Gunn clarified that casting choices would only be considered once the movie script was done. Since a portion of production is now done, an announcement about the cast will follow soon. There is no clear sign of who the all-new Man of Steel is—however, the next Superman must impress.

This new actor is following along in some massive footsteps left by Henry Cavill. Fans still want Henry Cavill as Superman. His ousting as Superman is still a point of contention. Fans have felt for years that DC disrespected the actor. In all honesty, it is easy to understand why. There is only one solo Man of Steel Movie. This underutilization is a big problem.

New Superman For Superman Legacy
New Superman For Superman Legacy

In the back room, however, producers had been working on a new Superman script for years. Cavill never got his storybook ending like other Superheroes. Christian Bale got to say goodbye to Batman, and Robert Downey Junior got a hero’s goodbye for Iron Man. Chris Evans has to end his Captain America story in a significant way. That just never happened for Henry Cavill. Gunn said he has some incredible choices for the next Clark Kent. By this point, he has likely narrowed his choices to a few. We expect an announcement by the end of the year.

The Next Superman Villian

Besides, who will be the next Man of Steel in the upcoming Superman Legacy movie? A few other questions need answers as well. This movie will not be an origin story; do not expect Superman’s first battle to be against General Zod. Instead, many hope Lex Luther will make his return. Whether he will be Superman’s main villain or just a side villain remains to be seen. The last time we saw Lex Luther was in the 2016 Batman Versus Superman movie.

Jesse Eisenberg played this version of the villain. His version of the supervillain is not very popular. Many felt like he was trying to imitate the Joker instead of Lex. Before that, it was, of course, Kevin Spacey who played the villain in the 2006 Superman Return movie. Besides Lex Luther, there are several other villains that James Gunn can tap into. Right now, most fans are looking for something fresh.

Superman Legacy
Superman Legacy

Having a brand new villain like Brainiac would be perfect. Setting up Brainiac for a Justice League showdown is a good idea. Alternatively, James Gunn can simultaneously follow the Batman model and introduce multiple villains. It is a great model that can do a lot to set up future DC stories.


Superman Legacy will start filming very early in 2024. The movie will be released in 2025. There is still plenty of time to get everything sorted. Big films like this frequently get delayed, and I am sure James Gunn and DC will work to avoid any delay. Since this movie is supposed to set off the rest of the DC slate, a delay with this movie will also result in all other projects being delayed.

Hopefully, everything goes according to plan, and we get a great Superman Legacy movie.

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