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Superman: Legacy Production Set For 2024, Along With Possible Supergirl

Superman: Legacy
Superman: Legacy

Production for Superman: Legacy is slated for 2024, with the potential inclusion of Supergirl in the mix.


What is Superman: Legacy based on?DC Universe Infinite has recently unveiled that James Gunn’s upcoming film reboot, Superman: Legacy, draws inspiration from four key titles. These include Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, and Gerry Alanguilan’s “Superman: Birthright” (2003-04), Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s “All-Star Superman” (2005-06), as well as Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s – Source: imdb
Is Superman: Legacy part of DCEU?The pre-production phase of SUPERMAN: LEGACY is progressing seamlessly, with sets, costumes, and schedules coming to life. Prepare to encounter a fresh portrayal of Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy as DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran spearhead the reboot of the world’s most iconic superhero, ushering the franchise from the DCEU to the DCU. Exciting developments lie ahead! – Source: Yahoo
Is Henry Cavill in Superman: Legacy?Contrary to expectations, Henry Cavill won’t be reprising the role, having been reintroduced briefly before swiftly being removed from the lineup again. In the upcoming DC film, Superman: Legacy, the focus will shift to a nostalgic exploration of Clark Kent’s origin story, as the franchise takes a fresh approach to the beloved superhero. – Source: GQ
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This week, James Gunn Confirmed Superman: Lecay will not be the only 2024 film in production. Superman: Legacy is a highly anticipated film set to release in 2025. While the removal of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel remains highly controversial, fans remain hopeful. As fans look beyond the Snyderverse, they eagerly await David Corenswet’s portrayal. Throughout projection, James Gunn has been active on Twitter, responding to fan questions. One such question revolved around upcoming DCU projects for 2024.

When a fan asked if Superman: Legacy will be the only DCU project in production this year, Gunn was quick to respond with a now.

James Gunn via Twitter
James Gunn via Twitter

With this news in mind, there is lots of internet speculation about what other projects to expect from the DC boss. James Gunn has been tasked with building an all-new DC Cinematic Universe. This will be no small feat, considering what Marvel has been able to achieve over the last 15 years. In addition, superhero fatigue is starting to become a real thing. With that in mind, Gunn will undoubtedly want to pull out the big guns, pun intended.

DCU Expectations For 2024

Will There Be A New Supergirl In 2024?

Supergirl to appear in Superman: Legacy
Supergirl to appear in Superman: Legacy

Although there is much speculation about what films could be in production this year, some obvious choices come to mind. Supergirl is also expected to appear in the upcoming Superman Film. This guest appearance will lead to her own feature film, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. This transition will work similarly to Wonder Woman’s introduction in Batman V Superman. While it is still unclear who will play Supergirl, most have been calling on Sasha Calle to reprise her role.

In addition to Supergirl, many other potential projects could start production in 2024. One such project could be Waller. As Gunn looks to expand the DCU further, Waller will play a vital part. She is being set up as the Nick Fury of this universe and has connections to even Superman. While she specializes in bringing villains together, a slight transition is also on the cards.

There are also other projections in the works. James Gunn already confirmed that Peacemaker will get a second season. However, he made it clear that production for this series will only take place after the release of Superman: Legacy, which is set for 2025.

Table Of Information

TitleSuperman: Legacy
WriterKarl Kesel, Jerry Ordway
ArtistsStuart Immonen, Paul Ryan, Tom Grummett
Story ArcThe storyline spans several Superman titles, exploring
the legacy and impact of Superman’s presence on Earth.
SynopsisSuperman faces a new threat as the villain Conduit
targets both him and his loved ones, unraveling secrets
about Superman’s past and his connections with others.
Key ThemesLegacy, family, identity, the impact of superheroes on
the world.
Significance“Superman: Legacy” is a notable story arc that delves
into Superman’s past and explores the lasting impact of
the Man of Steel on the DC Universe.
ReceptionGenerally positive, praised for character development,
emotional depth, and exploration of Superman’s legacy.
CollectibilityHighly sought after by collectors, often available in
trade paperback or collected edition formats.
CrossoverThe storyline had connections with other Superman
titles at the time, creating a cohesive narrative.
Legacy“Superman: Legacy” remains a significant part of
Superman’s comic book history, contributing to the rich
tapestry of his character and the DC Universe.
Table Of Information

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