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Complete Disaster For Critics: How Super Mario Bros Exposed Everyone

Super Mario Bros Movie
Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros Movie is officially out. One thing that has been very interesting to observe is the reaction to the film. While the audience seems to love it, the critics have not been too kind. That, however, has not slowed the movie down at all when it comes to box-office numbers. Thus far, the film has had an incredible opening, breaking almost every record. At this point, it is still being determined why the reception from the critics has been so low. Except for very few, most reviewers from major outlets did not even try to give the movie a fair shake.

The same can be said about some Hollywood actors. Around every corner, people are trying to cause controversy where none exists. Some have been trying to slap every wrong label they can think of on this movie. You will always have people trying to give the most controversial opinions they can think of. The internet might be responsible for many great things, but it is also responsible for bringing the stupid out in people. That, however, has not stopped The Super Mario Bros Movie from performing well above expectation.

Super Mario Bros Movie
Super Mario Bros Movie

Is This The Super Mario Bros Movie You Wanted

With all of this, let’s talk box office numbers for Super Mario Bros. To start things off, on Friday alone, they managed to gross over $55 million. This gave the Super Mario Bros movie a five-day domestic total of $195 million. This is well above what most expected. Overall, Super Mario Bros had the second-best domestic opening for any animation, and they are only behind Incredibles 2. Internationally, the movie is currently standing at $368 million. With these numbers, they are now the record holders for best-animated movie opening, beating out previous record holder Frozen 2, who managed to gross $358 million.

However, the impressive accolades for Super Mario Bros do not stop there. With their success at the box office, they have secured the top spot for best opening ever for a video game adaptation. Overall, the movie breaks all expectations. With these box office numbers, they might pull massive numbers over the next few weeks. Although they had quite a large budget, it is all but certain that this movie will be an enormous profit for the studio. It also all but confirms that a sequel is on the cards.

Record Breaking Super Mario Bros
Record Breaking Super Mario Bros

Lately, there have been many rumors that Nintendo is trying to set up its cinematic universe. All of this depended on the Super Mario Bros movie, and its success can see other films like Zelda get their movie or series.

How Super Mario Bros Took The Fight To Disney

Over the last couple of years, animations have had a challenging time. Disney is the world leader in animated productions. This success, however, is not reflected in their box office numbers. Strange World failed to make any meaningful impact, grossing only $73,6 million. This was a massive studio failure for Disney. Sadly, Lightyear, starring Chris Evans, did not do much better either, making only $226,4 million. This movie, too, was an overall loss for the studio.

Sadly for Disney, things are not set to get much better. Over the last couple of years, they have had a massive shift. Disney must regain its way regarding the messages they are trying to push. It is worth pointing out that only some feel this way. However, there has been enough decline over the last few years for Disney to make drastic changes. Last year, they decided to fire their previous CEO and instead bring back Bob Iger. However, it is still being determined if this will have any meaningful impact moving forward.

With that said, it is not complete doom and gloom for them. Disney continues to be the market leader in movies. Despite their recent box office failures, they continue bringing in record profits yearly.

Super Mario Bros Prove Why Critics Are Out Of Touch

One question remains with all of the success that the Super Mario Bros Movie has achieved at the box office. Why are critics so harsh towards the movie? Around every corner, the film is being blasted with a new hit piece every day. On rotten tomatoes, the critic score is currently standing at 56%. The audience score, however, is at a solid 96%. Critics are bashing the movie from every angle you can think of. Some are attacking the film for being too much like video games. Others feel like the messaging should have been stronger.

The only conclusion I can draw from these critic reviews is that these are older people interested in politics. Over the past few years, we have seen personal politics make its way into movies like never before. Animation is no exception to this. Thus it is not a surprise that the criteria for every critic might be a solid political or social message. With that not present in this movie, many within the industry are turning against the film. The audience, on the other hand, seems to love it.

This proves that many still want to see a good old-fashioned animated movie that focuses on the story. The film is a fan service; you will love it if you are a long-time Super Mario Bros player. They go out of their way to make the movie feel like a video game. Now, granted, that is very intentional. This movie still serves to promote video game sales. It is not a coincidence that the Mario games are on sale and in every game store’s front window.

Former Luigi Actor Calls Super Mario Bros Movie Out

Although the Super Mario Bros movie is a massive commercial success, it is not without its critics. As stated, people are coming up with anything to bash the film. One person who has been very vocal against the film is former Luigi star John Leguizamo, who was in the original 1993 movie. He did not hold back his criticism of the movie, calling it racist. He stated that the lack of Latino actors in the film is a massive problem, and he believes a Latino actor should be playing the lead. Honestly, I was never aware that Mario and Luigi were Latino, and I always thought they were Italian.

However, none of that matters. As long as you can do the voice, it does not matter what race, ethnicity, or even sex you are. However, Leguizamo also said he was the only one who could make the Super Mario Bros script good. That statement alone should be enough for us not to take anything he says seriously. However, there are quite a few people who share this opinion.

Although the public does not share this sentiment, it is shared by the reviewers. A common buzzword for many professional critics was lack of diversity, and most people will agree that this notion is ridiculous. How much diversity do people want from a cast filled with gorillas, Mushrooms, frogs, and talking clouds?


Despite some internet losers giving out ridiculous criticism, the movie is doing great. It is shaping up to be a massive box-office success, and it will be interesting to see what Nintendo does next. If rumors of a Nintendo Universe are true, this is an excellent start for them. If nothing else, we will at least get to see a sequel. Ultimately, only time will tell what the future will hold.

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