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Super Mario Bros Set To Become Highest Grossing Animation Ever?

By Baiting Irrelevance Apr14,2023
Record Breaking Super Mario BrosRecord Breaking Super Mario Bros

The Super Mario Bros movie has been out for over a week. Saying that the film has been successful would be an enormous understatement. Thus far, the movie has grossed $508.7 million, and that is only set to grow. With a star-studded cast, including Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Anya Taylor-Joy, it is easy to understand why. However, not everyone feels as enthusiastic about the Super Mario Bros movie. While fans enjoy their theater experience, online critics pull the film apart.

The criticism for this movie has been all over the place. While it is perfectly fine not to like the film, some have gone out of their way to find fault wherever they can. In unison, almost all major online publications have been extremely harsh towards the movie. There are many reasons for this. For some, it is clear that they did not understand the film. That is likely because they are not gamers and have never played any Mario titles. Other movie critiques come from older people who could not relate.

However, some critics went out of their way to smear the movie for social reasons. They bent over backward to try and explain why the film was problematic. Despite this, Super Mario Bros remains a massive box office success.

How Super Mario Bros Compare

With all of the success that Super Mario Bros has experienced, many are wondering how this film compares to other box-office successes throughout history. The current box office king is the 2019 Lion King Live-Action Remake. Before you start yelling into your screens about how this movie does not count, it does. Although it is a live-action, it is classified as an animation. This movie went on to gross $1.66 Billion worldwide and is still on top of the mountain as number one.

Not far behind them is Frozen 2. The movie had a massive domestic opening of $133 million, and the film kept all the momentum and eventually grossed $1.45 Billion. Now, it should be noted that the Super Mario Bros movie already broke Frozen 2’s box office open weekend. With this context in mind, the film is likely to break $1 billion at the box office easily. The movie is approaching another weekend at the box office, and nothing is slowing down.

Although the movie might not break that number-one spot record, it will likely make the top 10, if not the top 5, list of highest-grossing animated films ever. The first Frozen movie currently holds the number three spot on the list. The movie had a domestic opening of $100 Million, and while still impressive, Super Mario Bros cleared it with $146 Million. Ultimately, only time will tell how far this movie will go. However, if the momentum stays with the film, we will likely see them break all revenue records.

Super Mario Bros Critics Embarrasses Themselves Again

As stated, Critics have not been too kind towards the Super Mario Bros movie, and many have been going out of their way to find problems with the film. Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, the critic score is at 57%, while the audience score is at an impressive 96%. The latest critique of this movie involves Princess Peach. Ever since the original announcement, she has been a big topic of discussion, and many were curious about how she would be portrayed.

The original premise of the Super Mario Bros Movie always involved Princess Peach getting captured by Bowser. In the Spirit of not portraying every female character as a damsel in distress, Luigi is the one who gets caught this time around. Peach, on the other hand, serves as a guide for Mario. Most people are happy with this, as Peach has been doing her thing in the Super Mario Bros games for a while now. However, some critics want even more.

Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros

Many are upset that Peach is Mario’s guide and supporting character in this movie. One reviewer, Looper, called out that Peach was not the film’s main character, and she should play a more significant part in defeating Bowser towards the movie’s end. Luckily, most people completely blasted this take. The reality is that this movie is Super Mario Bros, and it covers the journey of Mario and Luigi. While there are many beloved characters along the way, the two brothers should be at the center. I am glad Nintendo did not pull a Disney and switched this up.

Chris Pratt Speaks Out Over Super Mario Bros Success

The lead voice for the Super Mario Bros Movie is Chris Pratt. As many know, his casting was originally a big point of contention. Many are not happy that he does not have a classic Italian accent. However, after watching the movie, most agree that he did a great job. When all the hate was originally levied against Pratt, he said people should watch the film before voicing their opinion. Luckily, that is what people did.

With this success, Pratt took to social media to express his gratitude toward fans. He stated on Instagram, “Thank you to everyone who checked out The Super Mario Bros. Movie this weekend!” “If you haven’t yet, do!” The success of this movie will understandably mean a lot to Pratt. With all the online hate he has received over the past few years, why he would celebrate is understandable. While his voice acting has been a big point of contention before the movie, the hate for Pratt dates back much further.

Super Mario Bros Movie
Super Mario Bros Movie

Over the last few years, he has been the subject of a massive online harassment campaign. There are those who consider him a Trump-supporting Republican. Obviously, in Hollywood, that is a big No No. He is also receiving have for being anti-LGBTQ after getting into an online verbal fight with fellow actor Elliot Page over his religious beliefs. Luckily, none of this slowed him down. Not only did Super Mario Bros become a massive success, but so will his next movie. Pratt will likely make his last appearance as Starlord in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 movie.

Jack Black Breaks The Internet With Brower Peach Song

However, Chris Pratt is not the only one who is receiving praise for his performance. Jack Black is receiving massive praise for his performance as Bowser in the Super Mario Bros movie. Black is getting strong support not only for his portrayal of Bowser but also for his musical talents. He released a song called Peaches, quickly climbing the streaming charts. The music has been so successful that it can soon appear on the Billboard 100 list.

Since this is a movie song, it is also eligible for an Oscar nomination. Now, considering how critics feel about this movie, it is doubtful that Black will get the nomination, and Super Mario Bros will likely be left out. However, seeing the song gaining this much traction is still lovely.


Ultimately, only time will tell how all of this will play out. I doubt any of the cast members will care about Oscar nominations. While it is always nice to get recognition for your work, the ultimate recognition is an acknowledgment of the fans. The first movie’s success will likely set up a sequel as well.

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