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Diablo 4 Is Out, And So Is Its Microtransactions

By Baiting Irrelevance Jun8,2023
the verdict is out for diablo 4the verdict is out for diablo 4

Diablo 4 is officially out on all major platforms. It is a highly anticipated game, with many fans eager to get a copy. The franchise has a long history dating back decades, and excitement comes with such a long history. Diablo is one of the IPs Blizzard was built on in many ways. Blizzard might not be what it once was, but people’s love for their games has not changed. It has been more than ten years since the previous installment, so the hype for Diablo 4 just grew more assertive. We did have the release of Diablo Immortal in between, but I can’t count that mess as part of this iconic franchise.

As with all games, this title does not come without its controversies. Many are understandably nervous about this IP, with Activision Blizzard dropping the ball lately. The last few years for this once-great video game empire could have been better. While they continue dominating sales with classics like Call of Duty, other titles could perform better. Blizzard has yet to have a unique and original IP idea since Overwatch. Sadly, this title only had about five seconds of fame before it bombed. Overwatch 2 is not fairing any better.

In addition to all of this, their World of Warcraft series is also bleeding subscribers. Although the game has managed to rebuild a little, they are different from the same dominating force they once were. Considering all of this, you may understand why there is so much pressure on Diablo 4 to succeed. This title cannot afford only to do good. They need to be great. This is not about money. They have $70 billion on the way from Microsoft.

Despite Everything, Diablo 4 Is A Great Game

This is about rebuilding trust with your community and proving you are still capable of greatness. Now that Diablo 4 is out, the next big question is simple. Does this game live up to the hype? After a little bit of time with the game, it is everything that fans were hoping that it would be. It does not come without its faults. While the gameplay is excellent, the options are endless, and the character design is fantastic, story-wise, it can be better. That, of course, is a minor criticism. Most people do not play Diablo for its story.

Over the past few days, extensive criticism has also been the nerfing of four character classes. The barbarian is one of the classes affected by this nerfing update the most. Lots of its powers and damage-dealing abilities are reduced. However, despite all this, the game is worth the playthrough. The world is beautiful, and this latest installment reminds you of how great the series can be. The design for this game is equally impressive. Attention to detail was a priority for developers regarding certain portions of the game.

Over the years, the bar for video games has dropped a lot. We are at a point where it is a win, even if the game is only somewhat playable at launch. The fact that you could access Diablo 4 on launch day means their release is already more successful than anything Microsoft has done this year. They better hope that their acquisition goes through soon.

The Diablo 4 Microtransactions Are Worse Then You Think, However

As I have stated, though, Diablo 4 comes with its flaws. It might be a Blizzard IP but also an Activision title. Activision Blizzard is used to their Call of Duty money, and thus, they expect every game to pull in Warzone money. The prices alone for Diablo 4 are already ridiculous. Although they have a standard $70 version available, to experience the entire game, you will have to hand over $100. It would have been bearable if this were all the money you had to pay to enjoy the game. Sadly, it is not enough to make lots of money.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

You need to make all of it. This brings us to Microtransactions. Sadly, Diablo 4 is filled with them. The main currency within this game is Platinum. This in-game currency can be bought with real money. 2500 platinum will cost you $26. Horse armor for your new mount will set you back $16. If you want to buy all these cosmetics, it will cost you around $357. There is only one saving grace for all of these microtransactions. Luckily, none of these extra costs have any effects on actual gameplay. They are all just additional add-ons.

However, with a price point of $100, we should have everything included at no additional cost. Companies will tell you they must add this extra cost because game development is expensive. Although the costly part is genuine, the more money part is not—the billions you make on sales are plenty. You do not need billions more in other transactions. You want that money because it is never enough. With that, I still commend them for no game-altering Microtransactions.

The Age-Old Diversity In Video Game Debate

With Diablo 4 officially out, there is another point of discussion. A small minority of the community fixate on this, but they can still be vocal—this point of discussion centers around diversity within the game itself. Many communities feel that they are not represented in video games. This is particularly true for them when it comes to character creation. Women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community complain that not enough options represent their looks.

Lilith from Diablo 4
Lilith from Diablo 4

However, Diablo 4 is being praised for its effort to include more diverse options. While you cannot make everyone happy, they did at least try. The customization options for this game are insane. At least compared to previous installments. Irrespective of their motives, this is always a welcome site. I have never tried to create a character that looks like me. I always try to escape reality and do something opposite. Other times, I make girls that I find attractive.

I do understand, however, that character creation is essential for other people. Representation is crucial, and people want to feel included. I don’t know if Diablo is the best place for representation. They have Necromancers and Barbarians. These characters are not exactly known for their LGBTQ likeness. Games like GTA with real-world characters are better suited, but as I have said, Diablo can make you feel more included and more power to you.


Ultimately, most people enjoy playing Diablo 4. I think it likely won’t win the game of the year, but that does not mean the game sucks. The $100 price point for all the content is steep, but even at $70, there is still plenty of value. Like every game, you will always find flaws, but overall, there is plenty of fun. The game dramatically improves over Diablo Immortal, and it looks like Blizzard learned their lesson with microtransactions. Although plenty of those practices are in this game, I have seen worse offenders.

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