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Why The Wonder Woman Game Is In A State Of Disaster

By Baiting Irrelevance Jun11,2024

According to some, the brand-new Wonder Woman game is in a state of disaster. Now, if you are asking yourself what the Wonder Woman game is, you are not alone. Up until recently, I was not even aware that this title existed. Granted, there is some good reason for this. The game is still in extremely early development, and all we have received thus far is a single shot of the leading superhero. It is also worth mentioning that superhero games do not exactly have the best reputation. With the exception of the Arkham series, superhero games have mostly been a disappointment.

Most of these games are released long after the hype has died down. The best example of this is the Avengers’ disappointment. While the game had potential, it fell flat due to some live service elements that people did not like. While Guardians of the Galaxy did better to fix some previous issues, it ultimately fell flat for most of the same reasons. By the time we got Suicide Squad, people were already over the whole genre. The lack of a proper narrative-based story in favor of expensive characters that you have to buy with regular season passes also does not help.

Studios will now spend hundreds of millions developing these games. In an attempt to make the money back, they are forced to make it a live service. It is unclear exactly what the idea will be behind this new Wonder Woman game, but I think we already know the answer. It will either be a narrative disaster or a live service one. Now, granted, I know I am being negative without any information but the superhero track record does not look good. I will gladly be wrong.

Wonder Woman Game
Wonder Woman Game

The Wonder Woman Game Disaster

The first thing that people thought when they heard Wonder Woman was, why not Superman? The second thing they thought was what the story would be about. As of right now, we do not know because, behind the scenes, the game is in a state of complete disaster. In fact, it is so bad that they have not even settled on an official name for the game yet. What we do know right now is that WB Montreal will be behind the game. They have some experience in this department, as they worked on Batman Origin.

Although, it is also worth pointing out that they worked on Gotham Knights. I hope that they can use the Wonder Woman game to redeem themselves. The most troubling news for me is the fact that Tanya DePass will be a writer for the game. If you do not know who she is, she is one of the people who participated and called for a Hogwarts Legacy boycott. When you have writers more concerned about activism instead of video games, you know we are about to take a bad turn. Wonder Woman might become Wonder Person. Instead of fighting monsters and villains, she will be fighting the patriarchy.

Now, this version of Wonder Woman might be a little heavier than what we are used to, but that is simply because she is body-positive. Obviously, that is a joke. The truth is we don’t know anything about this title yet. All real judgment needs to be revered until we see actual gameplay. Since the game is still in early development, that might still be years. If I had to make a prediction, I would say that this title is at least three years away.


The truth is that when you have writers involved who are comfortable with censoring views they don’t like, it is a troubled sign. It means that not only are they comfortable including their own political messages, but also censoring any views they don’t like. In the end, there is still hope. Obviously I am expressing views from a very negative place. However, when you have been burned so many times by games, it becomes your default setting. For now, all we can do is wait for the trailer and hope for the best.

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