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Media Meltdown As South Park Enters The Panderverse

By Baiting Irrelevance Oct16,2023
South ParkSouth Park

South Park has decided to join Hollywood and update their series for a modern audience. While fans love this new spin, certain online media personalities struggle to control their rage. South Park has always been known for going after everyone. They don’t pull their punches, and no one is safe around them. They unapologetically tackle social, political, and religious issues. While some of their takes have landed them in hot water, they continue to push forward with tegridy. For their latest Paramount exclusive, they decided to enter the panderverse, and the reaction has been interesting. In comparison, fans love this latest spin by Matt and Trey, while certain media outlets are in a complete spin.

In their latest trailer, South Park decided to both race-swap and sex-swap all of the main characters. Although it is still unclear what direction they will be taking this special in, it is clear that they are trying to make fun of Hollywood. Studios like Disney have come under heavy fire over the last few years for certain casting choices they have made. However, they are far from alone regarding these types of decisions. The creators of South Park have always been great at pointing out hypocrisy within the media. They have tackled everything from Donald Trump’s Presidency, COVID-19, and even Transgender Women in sports.

Media Meltdown over the Panderverse
Media Meltdown over the Panderverse

Over the last few years, they have set their sights on political correctness by introducing a character called PC principle as well as PC babies. This latest iteration shows that they are still unapologetic about their approach. South Park is known for not just making fun of one side but all sides. If you are a fan of this series, you cannot be easily offended.

South Park vs Crazy People

The reaction to this upcoming episode has been very interesting to observe. As much as people are stating there is a woke meltdown online, I have not seen much of this reaction anywhere. While there were certainly some upset with the episode, most fans love the trailer. The reactions to the YouTube trailer have been overwhelmingly positive. On Twitter, though, the reactions have been a bit more split. There were certainly some who did not like this episode. Those people are, of course, free to express themselves in any way they want. We, on the other hand, are free to mock them how we want.

It is certain media outlets, however, that have caught the attention of the internet. Certain outlets immediately went full defensive, stating how sick they were of South Park. One article in particular titled, There’s a new South Park “event” teaser and god, we’re already so tired caught some attention for how they chose to cover the episode. While the article was brief, the comment section was filled with people having a good cry. People wrote entire novels about how this episode made them feel. In the spirit of fairness, these things do go both ways.

South Park vs Crazy People
South Park vs Crazy People

When Disney makes a diverse casting choice, people express themselves similarly. The opposite happens when people make fun of those blatant pandering casting choices. I have personally never been a fan of identity politics being used to sell a product or piece of entertainment. When studios go out of their way to make social or political statements, it is clear that they are trying to sell a product.

South Park Pandering

Although you can make the argument that South Park is doing the same thing, I believe that satire is different. Additionally, it is unfortunate how studios cover diversity as it is an important issue. I have always been in support of more diversity within entertainment. Studios using the calls for diversity as a way to profit has had a devastating effect on the entire movement. It is often said that Hollywood is running out of ideas. While I do not entirely believe that, the amount of remakes does not make it easy to argue against.

Taking an iconic classic and remaking it might sound like a great idea. It certainly can be if all you are doing is remaking it. However, these modern classics carry nothing in common with the original other than name. Then, in the spirit of diversity, you cast underrepresented groups. In the promotional material, you make the entire identity of the film revolve around the diversity of the cast. When the film eventually sucks because of how bad the script is, these underrepresented groups get hurt. They are blamed for the failed projects, even though it is the studios.

South Park Pandering
South Park Pandering

Because these films do so poorly, studios are reluctant to make certain casting choices moving forward. This is extremely unfair but also the reality. Equal representation should not be treated as a marketing ploy by studios. If they stop with the remakes and create original ideas, everything else will fall into place. There is no need to recast Snow White or the Little Mermaid if you have original ideas. Unfortunately, Hollywood is all dried up, and thus, they decide to pander. This is how we got to the panderverse.

South Park Never Pulls Their Punches

As stated, South Park can be unforgiving when it comes to certain issues. Before Matt and Trey joined the Panderverse, they became stunning and brave by taking a stance against Transgender people in sports. While I thought they handled the episode fairly well, massive backlash was received. No matter where you fall on this issue, most series won’t dream of taking a stance against it. Over the years, we have seen many new animated series pop up all over the internet. They all fall over each other, trying to be as edgy as they possibly can.

This usually involves saying a few swear words and joking about sex. However, true edginess comes from your ability to cover unpopular topics. No one has a better record than South Park with doing this. Many have tried, and some of them come close, but there is only one king. Over the years, they have drawn the iron of many religious communities but their last couple of years have been the most divisive. Keep in mind when I say divisive, I mean the last couple of years have been some of the best content ever created.

The Panderverse
The Panderverse

It is only divisive for some Twitter and media personalities. Most people know that South Park is simply satire. Although some of their satire is now real life, it still just remains a comedy. It is also worth pointing out that the show can be very fair and balanced. There is a high likelihood that this special event can go in the complete opposite direction. They might call it the panderverse, but their message might be a supportive one. We will have to wait until the end of the month to see what direction they take.


The show sometimes uses Cartman to make more controversial arguments. Kyle is usually the counter with a more centrist take. It will be interesting to see how Matt and Trey strike this balance. I am personally very excited about this special event.


What is South Park?South Park is an animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Known for its satirical and irreverent humor, the show revolves around four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick—and explores various social, political, and cultural topics.
When did South Park first premiere?South Park premiered on August 13, 1997. It quickly gained a reputation for its unique animation style and bold, often controversial, storytelling.
Who are the creators of South Park?South Park was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who also serve as the main voice actors for many of the show’s characters. The duo is heavily involved in writing and producing each episode.
What makes South Park unique?South Park is known for its quick production turnaround, allowing it to satirize current events and pop culture in a timely manner. The show’s crude animation style, dark humor, and fearlessness in addressing sensitive topics contribute to its uniqueness.
Can you provide a brief overview of the main characters?The main characters are Stan Marsh, the voice of reason; Kyle Broflovski, the moral center; Eric Cartman, a manipulative and often antagonistic character; and Kenny McCormick, who frequently meets tragic yet humorous fates. Other recurring characters enrich the South Park universe.
Has South Park faced controversies?Yes, South Park has been no stranger to controversies. Its satirical take on various subjects has led to criticism, but the show’s creators are known for their commitment to free expression and satire.
How do the creators approach storytelling in South Park?Trey Parker and Matt Stone follow a unique production process, often creating episodes within a week.
Frequently Asked Questions

Table Of Information

Full NamesMatt Stone (Matthew Richard Stone) and Trey Parker (Randolph Severn Parker III)
Birthdates– Matt Stone: May 26, 1971 – Trey Parker: October 19, 1969
NationalitiesBoth Matt Stone and Trey Parker are American.
Professions– Matt Stone: Animator, voice actor, writer, producer, director, and composer. – Trey Parker: Animator, voice actor, writer, producer, director, and composer.
Claim to FameCreators of the animated television series “South Park.”
CollaborationMatt Stone and Trey Parker have been longtime collaborators, working together on various projects, most notably “South Park.”
EducationBoth attended the University of Colorado Boulder, where they met and began their collaboration.
South Park Creation“South Park” originated as a Christmas card that featured the characters later known as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. The success of a video Christmas card featuring the characters led to the creation of the animated series “South Park,” which premiered in 1997.
Animation Style“South Park” is known for its distinctive animation style characterized by simple paper-cutout figures and limited animation. This style allows for a quick production turnaround, enabling the show to address current events in a timely manner.
Quick Production TurnaroundOne of the unique aspects of “South Park” is its ability to produce episodes within a week, allowing the show to satirize current events and pop culture in a timely manner.
Voice ActingMatt Stone and Trey Parker provide the voices for many of the main characters in “South Park.” Their versatile voice acting contributes to the distinct personalities of characters such as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and others.
Film – “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut”Matt Stone and Trey Parker wrote, directed, and voiced characters in the full-length animated film “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,” released in 1999.
Matt Stone and Trey Parker

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51 thoughts on “Media Meltdown As South Park Enters The Panderverse”
  1. Little mermaid showed me how international racism and colorism is. They took hailey’s face off the posters in like what Korea? And you want to say if they casted her in something that didn’t need to be remade everything would *sighs* fall into place? This is the world I live in and these are the people journalizing it? I have been watching South Park since I was in the 6th grade, yeah I’m one of them now. And I was so disappointed in this episode bc even tho they poked fun at AI and had a few jokes about white people they never seemed to fully quit go there with them, not in the way they did with black women being depicted and the constant calling them “diverse women” and other undertones that were so subtle they didn’t seem like jokes after awhile. Like stan being so grumpy at panderverse cartman, I get the jest of it, anyone who watches South Park knows the dynamic there, but he was way more angry at panderverse cartman from the start than he has ever been at regular cartman. And the constant “diverse women” label. Just say it….like why not say “black women” when that’s what you want to say bc all those diverse woman were pretty much black. Only time “black woman” was used was when they all (well 3) got in trouble and was told to leave the black woman alone and she can do and be who she wants (cough cough pandering black women btw actually), that’s it, and it was used like I said in a way where they were kinda pandering to us but not in a humorous way just contrived. Smh using that as an opportunity to show they are not shitting on black women was so obvious and it hurt to watch in a secondhand embarrassment way. Other than that it was “diverse women” all the time yet all I see were black women aside from the gay Asian Kenny. This is why I decided not only does this episode suck, but South Park doesn’t get it either. South Park is supposed to be no holds barred and equal opportunity offenders who know the audience they are offending however they don’t know black women and it was painfully obvious. Ironically, since I said I have been watching since the 6th grade, I’m sure the men behind this show are, again ironically, a bunch of fat old white men who produce and write the show, so why would they know how to approach topics involving black women and how to joke about it so we are all laughing and not cringing? Bc let’s be honest the guys at South Park are fat old white men themselves who are not diverse or bending in any way in terms of diversity, unless there’s a stereotype attached to it no one expects black women to be on South Park. And the first time they put us in there it’s to (another irony) poke fun and criticize black women for being represented in timeless animation? They were basically saying without saying “we don’t like black women or gay women in Disney movies”. Like either be all in and say it with your chest, or shut your fat white racist mouths up South Park producers and writers? Bc guess what it never was? That serious. This is why this episode didn’t hit the mark bc even though they teased other groups it wasn’t on the same level they did black women, they really are mad about this umm “diversity”, and they tried to spin this bs to the public like we wouldn’t notice bc for the most part black women don’t watch south back right? And we don’t understand the humor right? Wrong… yes we do x2. When panderverse cartman says “you can’t be racists towards white people they just some old hockey blah blah blah” after stan tells cartman he’s racists towards white people, I thought that was lazy writing bc they could’ve had that character say something in regards to what black women and many others know about racists old white men and systemic racism. But no we have to just call them old prejudice names and act ghetto bc that’s as deep as it gets for black women in some peoples eyes. And South Park is always knowledgeable about what is truly going on, so for them to blatantly avoid any jokes on systemic racism when it seemed it might have been going there made it almost seemed intentional, bc that’s what everyone is discussing in terms of racism and workplace diversity and inclusion of black women (I am not mentioning any other groups bc they weren’t really shown in the episode). All the black women being called “diverse women” like we don’t notice there is no diversity in panderverse (sheesh the name alone) is just a smack in the face and reminds me that the men who write and produce this show are 🧏🏽‍♀️ who? The exact men who keep diversity at a limit…they’re the fat white old racists men they tried to slightly joke about, and it’s not funny bc they shouldn’t be allowed to say how this story goes in regards to black women in Disney movies, not even in satire if they thinks it’s ok to use us as the poster child for people being pandered to, which we are not, then at the same time crying like it’s ruining lives, which it’s not. So, until they understand how to address black women, they should just leave us alone. Go educate yourselves and then have a go. But until then leave black women out of it “she gonna get me”. Is that how we speak? Is that how we translate to “funny”? We are all not the Leslie woman from snl nor are we all a big black man in a dress. Go check pls, I recommend starting with and studying Issa rae and her show Insecure to see how you mix black women and satire on any topic.

      1. Are you some kind of moron? I’m white and have more than once been accused of being a right winger by the woke masses (I’m actually a moderate, which to them seems right wing and to people like you probably reads as far left because you’re all fringe nuts) and even I was cringing at the depiction of the black women. Did they really need to make them all stupid and ghetto? It would have worked much better if they made these people completely normal and presentable, just super back or having foreign accents or being obviously transgender.

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