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Skullgirls 2nd Encore Censors Sexy Characters And It Ends In Complete Disaster

By Baiting Irrelevance Jun29,2023
The Skullgirls CensorThe Skullgirls Censor

Skullgirls 2nd encore goes on a massive censorship campaign, and fans are unhappy about it. At this point, a new video game developer will censor their creations every week. Why they choose to do this is unknown. If censoring games were at least profitable, I would understand, but most of the time, the decision is highly unpopular, and they lose players. Despite this, developers insist on pushing forward and overhauling their games. As much as people are upset by this decision, we must consider some things.

Firstly, it is their game, and thus, they can make any changes they want. It will be up to the consumer to decide if they want to continue to support the developer. If a developer feels that specific images or narratives no longer help their company values, they can remove that content. However, considering how unpopular self-censoring is, there is almost no upside to doing this. Despite their latest controversy, Skullgirls remains a top-rated game. They initially launched on 10 April 2012 to much internet acclaim. In 2017, lead designer Mike Zaimont announced that the game sold over 1 million copies.

This was certainly an impressive accomplishment for such a small studio. The success of the original launch encouraged the studio to release Skullgirls encore in 2014 exclusively for the PlayStation platform. They later also launched a 2nd encore with more advanced features. The game has a dedicated fanbase willing to support Zero Lab games. Unfortunately, loyalty does not last forever. Recent decisions from the company are making some rethink their decision to support the game.

People Are Angry At Skullgirls 2nd encore, But Why?

The anger against Skullgirls is not hard to understand. They posted about the changes coming to their game, and in it, they explained what the thought process was. They started by saying, “As many of you know, Skullgirls has had a long and colorful history shaped by a variety of contributors over the years. As we look ahead towards the future of Skullgirls, we have reflected upon past decisions regarding certain content that has undermined the many things that make Skullgirls truly unique and special.“This statement alone had many people scratching their heads.

There was never any widespread backlash against this game for its imagery, thus making this statement strange. They state that these past decisions undermined their game. However, it was precisely those decisions that made the game successful initially. They go on to say, “While the Renoir family and the Black Egrets were always intended to evoke imagery from an oppressive militant regime, we felt that the way that manifested (most notably via red armbands, flags, and symbolism) was too close for comfort – especially given the unfortunate reality that some of these hate groups are still active in various respects to this day.”

The images they are referring to here are World War 2 related. Although the game does not use explicit photos, they closely resemble them. It should be noted that these red bands are not displayed with malicious intent. Even if they were, it is still within the context of entertainment. Often, you depict evil characters, and they stand for bad things. Bad guys exist so that good guys can thrive.

The Skullgirls 2nd encore Censorship

The company further said, “While Skullgirls is no stranger to characters that confidently express their sexuality, there are instances in the game where characters are fetishized and/or have sexualization imposed upon them. This includes a few depictions of unwanted predatory behavior, particularly towards younger characters. While alluding to some of this can be narratively meaningful, we have made a number of small adjustments throughout the game to ensure that this content is less exploitative, e.g., the opening of Filia’s Story Mode.”

Skullgirls censorship
Skullgirls censorship

This decision is dividing fans all over the internet. Many feel that a current campaign is underway to censor any attractive women. There is this desire in specific spaces to cover up any beautiful video game character. For some, this feels strange as these same people always talk about empowerment. Their talks of empowerment often revolve around freeing nipples and celebrating celebrities half-naked on stage. These same people will rave for weeks about how stunning and brave Lizzo is when she wears a bikini while performing. For some reason, though, a woman can’t wear shorts while fighting.

They have obviously never seen the UFC or WWE before. I do understand that these are not exact comparisons. There is a difference between being sexually exploited and freely expressing yourself. The difference is consent. It is not applicable here since these are nothing more than video game characters. Often, the people complaining are not playing the games. I won’t pretend that attractive women in video games are not used for sexual reasons. The truth is that fan service exists for a reason. This, however, does not always need to be a bad thing.

The Predictable Media

As always, the gaming media was front and center to call everyone bigots who did not agree with these decisions. All the usual suspects were front and center, salivating at the mouths and grinding their teeth at the opportunity to call you every nasty name in the book. Outlets were quick with the labels, noting that people were upset that the game was no longer exploiting women and showcasing controversial images. Despite this framing, most understand this is not why people are upset. Many people do not like the motives that lead to decisions like this.

Skullgirls 2nd encore
Skullgirls 2nd encore

In most circumstances, companies only do this to pander to a specific group. Although fan service also exists to pander, at least the latter is related to the video game audience. When games are censored, it is often for political or social reasons. There are also some whispers that the motives for this might not be as pure as some think. The CEO of Zero Lab games does have some allegations levied against him. There was a push to drive him out of the company, but that ultimately failed. Since Skullgirls is a joint venture with other game studios, many feel it is an attack on Zero Lab.

Mike Zaimont is set to release a new game soon, and some within the community feel these decisions are meant to undermine him. He might be the lead designer for Skullgirls, but since M2 and some other studios are also involved, they might be making these controversial decisions to kill all hype for a new game from Mike. This, of course, is nothing more than an internet conspiracy.


How these changes will affect the game moving forward is still being determined. They have likely already made all their money and thus do not care what happens next. Often times small studios like this do not make money from sales. They sign big exclusive deals with platforms and rely on that money. In Skullgirls’ case, they signed with Sony a few years ago. That deal is likely responsible for most of their revenue. However, reputation is still important.

Ultimately, this will not hurt them in any meaningful way. It is their game to do as they please. They are free to make that decision if they feel there needs to be a shift in their content.

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