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How Many Harley Quinn Comics Are There?

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Harley Quinn’s Comic Domination: Counting Her Appearances

Harley Quinn, the bubbly-yet-psychotic partner-in-crime of the Joker, has exploded in popularity since her 1992 debut in Batman: The Animated Series. Since then, she’s gone from a sidekick to a pop culture icon, with a multitude of her own comic book series. So, how many Harley Quinn comics are out there? Let’s break it down.

Harley Quinn: From Sidekick to Superstar – Mapping Her Comic Journey

Harley Quinn’s journey in comics reflects her rise in popularity:

  • Origins: The Mad Love Era (1992 – early 2000s): Harley begins as a supporting character in Batman stories, notably her origin in the graphic novel The Batman Adventures: Mad Love. appearances tend to be tied to the Joker.
  • Gaining Independence (2000s): Harley breaks free somewhat. She gets her first ongoing series in 2001, joins teams like the Gotham City Sirens, and has increasing interactions with heroes, showing her complex personality.
  • The New 52 & Beyond (2011 – Present): DC Comics’s relaunch gave Harley a new design and edgier direction. She stars in multiple ongoing Harley Quinn series, gets miniseries, and dominates with frequent appearances in various titles.

Counting the Comics

Due to this evolution, counting Harley Quinn comics gets tricky:

  • Core Harley: Her main ongoing Harley Quinn series have run for numerous volumes over the years. These alone will easily surpass a hundred issues.
  • Team Player: Series like Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens, and her appearances across the Batman family titles significantly boost the number.
  • Limited Editions: Harley gets frequent miniseries and one-shots. Alternate universe versions, like DC Comics Bombshells, add even more.

The Quintessential Harley

Harley Quinn is a comic book powerhouse with hundreds of appearances. Whether you prefer her classic sidekick days, her anti-heroine era, or her current chaotic solo adventures, there’s an abundance of Harley Quinn comics waiting for you!

How Many Harley Quinn Comics Are There?
How Many Harley Quinn Comics Are There?

Harley Quinn’s Comic Conquest: Why Counting Gets Complicated

Harley Quinn’s presence in comics is extensive. It’s tough to give one definitive number because it depends on what you consider a “Harley Quinn comic”. Let’s unpack this:

  • The Spotlight is Hers: Harley has stolen the show in several ongoing series titled “Harley Quinn.” These have changed and rebooted over the years, but the core concept remains. If you just count the issues in these ongoing titles focused solely on her, you’ve easily surpassed a hundred comics.
  • Squad Goals & Girl Power: As a fan favorite, Harley often joins forces with other characters:
    • Suicide Squad: She’s one of the most recognizable members of this chaotic government-sanctioned group of villains, adding a whole bunch of team-up issues to her catalog.
    • Gotham City Sirens: This fan-favorite series saw Harley team up with fellow Batman rogues Poison Ivy and Catwoman, showing her potential for camaraderie outside the Joker’s shadow.
    • Unexpected Alliances: Harley’s wild card nature means even the likes of Batman and other DC heroes have occasionally teamed up with her, significantly expanding her comic appearances.
  • Harley Unlimited: Here’s where things get really expansive:
    • Miniseries Adventures: Harley frequently headlines short-lived series (often 4-6 issues) focusing on a specific escapade or wacky adventure.
    • One-Shot Wonders: Special issues dedicated to holidays, major events, or completely off-the-wall stories offer standalone Harley fun.
    • Multiverse Madness: Alternate universe series, like the vintage-inspired DC Comics Bombshells line, give us whole new versions of Harley Quinn to discover.

The Harley Quinn Comic Quest

The sheer variety of Harley’s appearances makes a definitive number elusive but adds to the excitement. If you want to explore the full extent of her comic book escapades, remember:

  • The Basics Count: Her main solo series are the absolute backbone of discovering her character.
  • Team-Ups Add Flavor: Seeing how Harley interacts in a group dynamic opens new perspectives on her personality and adds to her story.
  • Digging for Treasures: Those miniseries, one-shots, and alternate Harleys are hidden gems for passionate fans wanting to see every side of her.

Harley Quinn has evolved from a sidekick to a multifaceted, chaotic powerhouse in comics. Counting her appearances isn’t just about a number, but highlights her remarkable popularity and enduring presence in the DC Comics universe!

Harley Quinn
Comic: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn: Your Comic Book Obsession

Harley Quinn is a DC Comics mainstay, with hundreds of comics to her name. The exact number you get depends on your definition, but the point is—there’s a whole lot of Harley Quinn out there! If you’re a fan, you have plenty of reading material to keep you occupied. Here’s why:

  • The Harley Vortex: Think of her comics like a whirlwind of chaos and fun. You can start with her core series, then get sucked into Suicide Squad adventures, explore the Gotham City Sirens era, and stumble across unexpected team-ups and bizarre Elseworlds tales. Before you know it, hours turn into days spent lost in Harley’s world.
  • Every Flavor of Harley: She’s not a one-note character. Over the years, Harley has been zany, tragic, surprisingly heroic, and hilariously unpredictable. This variation across series and storylines means there’s a Harley Quinn comic to match your mood.
  • A Never-Ending Story: DC Comics knows Harley is a fan favorite. They continue to release new series, one-shots, and team-up titles starring our favorite chaotic clown princess. As a fan, your reading list will likely never run dry.
  • The Community Factor: Harley’s popularity has inspired a passionate fanbase. Online forums, discussions, and fan recommendations will point you to hidden gems, underrated storylines, and connect you with others who adore Harley as much as you do.

Getting Started as a Harley Fan

If you’re overwhelmed but excited by this comic abundance, here’s a tip:

  • Start with “the Hits”: Websites like Wikipedia and Comic Book Reading Orders will point you toward Harley’s most iconic and popular storylines. This gives you a great foundation to build your knowledge.

The Joy of Harley

Harley Quinn isn’t just a comic book character; she’s an experience. Her stories are a rollercoaster of humor, heartbreak, and surprising depth. Diving into her comics is a commitment, but a wildly entertaining one that any DC fan should absolutely try!


FAQs: How Many Harley Quinn Comics Are There?
Q: So, how many Harley Quinn comics are there exactly?
A: There’s no single perfect answer. Hundreds of comics feature Harley Quinn, but what qualifies as a “Harley Quinn comic” depends on how strict you are:
Just Harley: 100+ issues across her various solo series called “Harley Quinn.”
Team Player: Include her Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens, and other team-up appearances, and the number gets much higher.
The Full Harley Experience: Count miniseries, one-shots, and alternate universe versions, and the number keeps growing!
Q: Why is it so hard to get a precise number?
A: Several things make it tricky:
Evolving Role: Harley started as a sidekick but has become a star, changing how often she features in comics.
New Comics All the Time: DC keeps releasing new Harley titles, meaning the number is always in flux.
Fan Perspective: Do you only count comics where she’s the main star, or do team-ups and even brief cameos matter?
Q: Where do I find specific numbers and explore Harley’s comics?
A: Here are some fantastic resources:
Wikipedia: The Harley Quinn Wikipedia page ( lists her major series appearances.
Comic Vine: ( has a vast database, lets you see every comic she’s ever been in.
Comic Book Reading Orders: ( offers organized reading lists if you want to dive into her story.
Q: I’m a Harley fan, does this mean I’ll never run out of comics to read?
A: Probably not! Harley’s popularity guarantees new comics, and her wacky personality fits endless stories. Plus, dedicated fans always unearth older, lesser-known gems to enjoy.

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